Metaphysical Love Matches

Metaphysical Love Matches

Be sure to send us your own AH success story!

I have met the most wonderful people on your site! There are so many that I truly enjoyed writing to. However, it became clear after a few emails that I had found someone very special indeed!

Ed and I have been writing, calling and visiting for a few months now. We both feel that we have met the person of our dreams and are making plans to walk with each other into the future. We are so happy and so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet through cyber space! Thanks for a fabulous site!

Please remove my profile. I can't imagine meeting anyone more wonderful than the love of my life, Ed!

Love and Blessings! Nancy

My name is Rhonda R., and I wanted to let you know that I have had an incredible success story from using your great Web site. I met the most special man — Julian H from the UK. I am currently living in the U.S., but plan to relocate there in the near future to marry him and live as husband and wife.

Thank you so much for your truly life-changing connection. We are both so very happy that we met, and can't believe just how much we have in common, and realize that if it wasn't for your unique opportunity, none of this, or our greater dream would be possible.

It is for this reason that I'd like to request that you remove my ad listing from your database.

From the bottom of my heart — special peace and blessings to you!!


"I've met someone through your website and we've been together for 9 months now!!"
?Thank you so much!! Vanessa

"To let you know I've just met someone (via your site) and so I would appreciate being taken off your listings"
?Thank you so much, Amanda L.

"I want to thank you for your service I have found my soulmate through your kind metaphysical website that links people of the same minds and hearts together. Little did I know that when I put this ad on line it would have life changing results. Universe is moving us together soon to be in the same state soon and what a blessing to have someone in my life that is special and close to my heart. Thanks for running the ad and it is now time to close it and go on with a beautiful relationship!"
?Sincerely, George C.

"I've met someone WONDERFUL on your site and no longer need to post my profile! We met on astralhearts, talked by phone for about 6-7 weeks, and yesterday met in person (we live about an 8-hour's drive apart, now). We had a wonderful first date and I no longer need to be out there searching for a likeminded, metaphysical partner. Thank you SO much for having this beautiful site. I've told so many people about it, including someone on the airplane on my way back from my fantastic first date :-) I guess I was glowing."
?Jadrianna (profile name)

"My name is Charles W. and I had an ad in Astral Hearts last year. I met my beloved through the listing last year and wanted you people to know that. We have been together for over a year now and I have just moved in with her. I still find it hard to believe sometimes that I actually found love through a personals ad but it did happen."
?Thank you so much. Charles

"Please cancel my listing on your service. I have met another spiritual soul from your website and we are in a committed relationship that someday soon will lead to marriage. Thank you for your service ... while we searched for each other since 1990 and crossed path's many, many times ... it was your service that was able to pinpoint our respective locations!"
?Sincerely, William

"Please cancel my listing on your site. I have met another Astral Hearts member and we are in a commited relationship - a testimonial to your website. A good thing!!"
?Thanks!! Alexandra

"I want to thank Astral Hearts... I found her here! #3562, I Love YOU!"

"I have found my Spiritual Match through your site! She is everything I have been looking for in a woman. We are planning on a home and a Sacred place to live our lives together."
?Keep up the good work, Jack C.

"Please remove me from this site.. i have made a soulmate connection. Thank-you for providing such a fertile ground to play in."

"It gives me great pleasure to be writing to you. When I had posted on Astral Hearts I had thought nothing will happen since I had never, ever posted my profile and pic on any matchmaking sites, but yours is a spiritual site so I just did it. I don?t know why, maybe back of my mind was my predictions that soon I would be meeting my love. I wasn?t even looking for love since my immediate concern was my career. Well I had posted my profile and just forgotten it...didn?t receive any response and then I just forgot completely about astralhearts, until one day after months I received a letter from one of your members in Australia...
From that month in April to this day, me and that lovely lady have grown so much, shared every moment of our lives and are just so much in love. We would soon be marrying and I wanted to thank everyone at astralhearts with all my love."
?In Light, Joy and Abundance, S.

"...Love, Love, Love! I never thought it would happen to ME! All I can tell your members is have the faith in spirit and roll with those inner instincts. With gratitude, I request to cancel my membership..."

"I just wanted to say thank you to all at Astral Hearts. My life just wouldn't have been complete without experiencing the beauty of companionship and love that I have found with the person I met. I am quite sure that I would never have found her if it wasn't for Astral Hearts. It was the vehicle for our prayers to be answered."

" heart filled with love for him the moment my eyes fell upon his wonderful face.... I made contact... and found my soul mate, my lover, my life partner! Thank you from the very depths of my soul!"

"I have met a wonderful woman who is a kindred soul via your website, so I no longer need your services. Please remove my listing as I have found my partner in life. Thank you."

"What can I say besides thank you, thank you, thank you?! I joined your service with little hope or expectation quite frankly. Wow, I was so wrong! I found the love of my life and twin flame here on Astral Hearts. A million Blessings to you all!"

"I would like to cancel my membership. I found the person I've been looking for, and I believe in MIRACLES! Many thanks for being the wonderful vehicle you are!"

"It is with extreme joy I request you remove my profile from your beautiful site. I went on your wondrous site and saw his incredilbe face and it was his eyes that kept me there for an hour... Dear Astral Hearts you were that avenue for us...blessings to you for this...keep up the work that spirit has charged you so lovingly with...for now two so unigue souls have been brought back together and our joy and love will add healing to the Earth and all life. I profoundly thank you from all that I am!"

"Thank you do much for your loving service. I was contacted by another member and destiny has taken it's course. Cupid has struck again! The essence of love that is evolving between us is beyond amazing. And the effect we are gong to have upon the Mother-Father Earth is going to be astounding!... So thank you Astral Hearts for providing the space for us to find each other and allowing us to full fill our Earth mission ;-)"

"Thank you for providing a link for like minded people to connect. I have met a very beautiful man with whom I envision creating a life with. We are both grateful to Astral Hearts for providing the possibility for us to meet (finally!). I would like to have my listing removed from the site at your earliest convenience. Thanks again for the gift of love that you have brought into my life."

"Dear Astral Hearts, your web site has allowed me to find the most loving woman I have ever met. We are progressing nicely in our relationship. We thank you for your unique personals web site. We would like to send you a donation along with a heart-felt thanks for uniting two unique souls."

"My story is incredible. After I placed my ad, I browsed, and found someone I knew, but had not seen in about a year. He had just moved to a new home very close to where I live. I answered his ad and found out that he had been wanting to see me for a while. All this time, even before we moved, we were living in the same general area. However, it was through your site that we reconnected. The rest, I guess is our story. Thanks for providing a vehicle thru which Spirit could work. Many Blessings, LC"

"I would like you to remove me from astral hearts. I have met someone from my membership. We met in January thru astral hearts. We are in love, and he has moved in with me. We found each other thru our same likes. 1200 miles didn't keep us apart. I am a scorpio, and he a pisces. Thank you so very much."

"I initially found you after extensive searching for 'spiritual personals' and it has been the source of the best contacts out of all internet personal postings I've done."

"A few weeks ago, I was contact by a wonderful woman who's friend had found my listing. When she contacted me at her friend's suggestion, and she turned out to be everything I had ever dreamed about in a woman, and also like wise for her. This including shared interests and a shared understanding of metaphysical things. Both of us are just completely supprized as to each others existance as we've both being single for so many years, always wondering if we'd ever find each other. Now the impossible has become possible as now we've found a long forgotten shared dream. ...Thanks to Astral Hearts, a dream has come to past."

"I joined about ten days ago. The only person I contacted through your service has turned out to be my mate. Thank you for your service and bringing us together."

"Please delete my ad. Because of your site, I have met the man of my dreams and am already committed to him."

"You will never believe it, but raggae and I just became married, it took 2 weeks! now tell me spirit doesn't work in mysterious/magical ways, we are at minimum soulmates, love you, reese!"

Dear Astral Hearts,

I heard about your web site through a friend. I am a grand master in the martial arts holding a tenth degree a Jujitsu form, a Rev. in Reiki having been certified in Japan in 1979 and I also practice Chi Gong. I have been searching my whole life looking for my life partner and even though I never found her I settled with a local girl, out of loneliness and wanting children I thought that at 27 it was time to have them. My marriage lasted 9 years and I have 2 wonderful children out of it, a 9 year old girl and a 8 year old boy. I answered an ad in your site with a woman who seemed to be searching for the same as me .... some one who was just tired of explaining there interests and beliefs. Since she was in graduate school it took her a week just to answer my reply since she was just so busy with work and school. She lived at home with her parents in Pittsburgh with her 5 year old son. And since I was not her type, she was extremely apprehensive in her reply. She said her son had Cystic Fibrosis and was saving money by living at home since school and work were so demanding her parents helped her out in every way. Well, it took her a week of IMing her just to gain her trust enough to get her phone number. It seems she placed the add with the assumption of not expecting to even get a response. She was happy and resolved being without a man in her life and she did not expect to find love ever again. she had resigned herself to give all that love to her child. After chatting for the week we talked on the phone for another week and she was going to D.C. on business and asked me to meet her there. Since she was staying with friends she did not want them to influence her with me and them around. Remember, I am a martial arts grand master ...she is a computer consultant..... without your site we never would have met and our paths would have remained separate.... so after her business in DC was over we were trying to decide where we would meet and she took a chance.....and said she would drive to meet me at my home that I own in NY. She was so intrigued by me that she had to meet me that night and it wasn't until almost 3am that she had a chance to leave her friends in D.C., so at 3am and with cell phone in hand she left D.C. We talked on the phone until she arrived in NY at my home and we thought we were beginning our love...on the phone...but we knew it as soon as we saw each other. We spent a incredible weekend together and we were falling in love. she then went directly home to Pittsburgh and as soon as she left I felt a part of me go with her. We talked for another week and she was to meet me the next weekend back in NY. As soon as she arrived and we were alone I proposed to her and asked her to marry me. She excepted my diamond ring. For the next three months we planned and talked and we saw each other every other weekend was very hard only seeing her twice a month and then for limited time alone. she decided it was time to move out of her parents home after living with them for 3 years and wanting to be with me. So she applied for a mortgage and bought us a home in Pittsburgh 3 1/2 months after we met. I moved away from my children who were living with my ex in NY and in with her and her child. I must tell you that we never expected to meet our soul mates ....especially through your site, but we did. On December 11th, we celebrate 4 months since the day we met and in every way our relationship is getting better in every way. We are both so totally different people, raised in such totally different ways, but she is the yin and I am her yang. We plan a wedding at the end of April ...the 28th ..and if you wish, you are invited for you have made it possible to bring 2 soul mates together. We are sure our lives together will not be easy but will always be incredible. Again, I thank you and your site for all you have done in getting people together.

Love , peace and happiness to you all.
Grand Master P.

Be sure to send us your own AH success story!