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64 / Male / Straight / Separated
Racine Wisconsin
My Thoughts on the Metaphysical

There is so much more in this universe than we will ever know. The energy that flows through it (and us) is available for access, we just have to allow it. Work, done honestly, is the sincerest form of worship. Worship, done joyfully, is play with the divine. When all your work is worship, and all your worship play, then all work is play. I'm a poet, and this venue is not poetry friendly. But I've posted some anyway. You get to pick where the lines begin and end and delight, I hope, in my meter.

What I would like you to know about Me

Reiki Master/Teacher, Light worker, Tarot enthusiast, poet. I do not believe that love can be confined. [Oh, how I want sunrise Cold bones cry out for warmth And only your eye-light Can bring them this comfort I sit shivering so Huddled in my darkness And watch that horizon For you to rise for me My being longs for you Scent rich on my fingers Rough music in my ears The flavor of your flesh Sweet breath warm upon me Your glory in my sight But now trembles coldness Afraid to burn a page And lose its warmth to heat Until the next is written Yes, this day I wait cold And scan those blackened skies For you to bring the dawn And thaw me with your love Oh, how I want sunrise]

What I am looking for in my Soul Mate

Silver girl you smile But hide your face And peek at me From behind your clouds Yes, I feel you That spark upon my brow Looking, watching, waiting Reach out for me And draw me to you Claim me, eat my pain I could drown in your light And live on your kiss Heal from one touch One transcendent embrace Oh, crazy moon Do not fall from my sky But lift me to you Where I can delight In your beaming And see myself reflected In your lunar sea

These are things I am most proud of

Patient, kind, committed, silly.

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You should also know that

When I stand Before the Demon Kings Who demand the price Of my filthy, sordid soul I will smile and feel You in my arms Taste your kiss On my lips once more And paint your face In my own blood Before them on the floor "Here," I'll shout, "Lies my salvation! I loved this one, Lived that bliss for a time. So, take me now And do whate'er you will For in my heart I always carry heaven."

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