We Are All One already
57 / Male / Straight / Divorced
Davao Mindinao Philippines
My Thoughts on the Metaphysical

Existence as One,Oneness and God, Awareness (You are God, I am God, We All are God) co-creation, Love is the answer, daily inspired acts of Love towards others, seeing others healed, and learning new things. I need to see and experience miracles everyday, acts of love.

What I would like you to know about Me

if age is important, 56 i am presently in the Philippines Love is what I am, and affectionate i am not religious or dogmatic. i like being playful i have a quirky sense of humor (simple things amuse me). i am not possessive, controlling, jealous, or demanding i do not feel it is good to have expectations (though we may have wants and things we like and these need to be expressed by both of us) i am a mind reader, i do not like to use my super powers continually :) i cannot make anyone happy (you have to find that within) i can only make you happier i want you to be who you are i feel being present is necessary when we are together i like women who enjoy being a woman and are feminine. i like good food, wine or good beer, and wonderful conversation, i like mornings with good coffee and just being. i like to bake bread and cook all kinds of food. i am looking to move to Ireland or Europe permanently.

What I am looking for in my Soul Mate

i am wanting a sweet loving spiritually aware woman and to love and enjoy life and intimacy with on every level, i like women who like being a woman, and very feminine, though they know what they like, i am not competitive, or demanding, or jealous, playful is always great :)

These are things I am most proud of

i am outgoing at times and adventurous i don't like drama i don't argue or debate i have traveled a lot, i am getting more settled now and desiring nature and quietness a little more. i enjoy people who are positive and loving. i lived in various communities and i find people need their personal time and space at times, i am respectful of that. i like intimacy with people and want to be open in the expressing of love towards others, a hug, a kiss, or loving touch, or intuitive encouraging words.

Regarding myself - I would like to improve

i like to wake up by myself, i do not enjoy being awakened :) not bad habits, just me. i don't like being reminded of things, i am very aware. i am slow to act on things if pressured, i like to play and enjoy life even in my work. i am a bit of a perfectionist when i'm doing my own tasks, i have my rational ways. i do not care for cats, and not much of a dog lover (i kind of like and tolerate dachshunds for some reason though), i am more interested in relationships with people then animals. i have worked on farms and taken care of farm animals, i see a need for them and what they contribute.

I'm also interested in

loving others in inspired ways. cooking and offering hospitality, walking and enjoying natural settings, just being, meeting and talking to interesting new people, singing and dancing with others (spontaneously), making life fun. healing and loving touch. i like to read and learn things, and i write often. i enjoy gardening and growing vegetables.

You should also know that

i used to desire communal life, and this would be wonderful, though if the people are not connected spiritually and co-creative, very difficult to do and enjoy.

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