I am looking for someone intuitve like me.
63 / Female / Straight / Divorced
Tempe Arizona
My Thoughts on the Metaphysical

I am metaphysically inclined into natural healing, a medical intuitive with lots to learn. I am an emotional empath, intuitive, a medium, interested in natural healing, intune with crystals, astrology, tarot,and palmisty. I am attuning myself so that i can be able to bring back information similar to Edgar Cayce. I am spiritual and comfortable learning about most religions, I have recently been practicing one form of Buddhism, that seems very similar to the ideas in 'the secret', and to the ideas of quantum mechanics. Having a spiritual connection, as well as a physical, emotional, and mental connection is wonderful

What I would like you to know about Me

I find that it is easier to describe what I do than who I am. I am a massage therapist and motorcycle beginning rider coach. I've been going to college to create a Whole Being Healers program of health and lifestyle changes. I have a few books in different stages of being done. I am a gentle, caring person, who is honest, loves to help people. I am learning to set boundaries and stand up for myself. Not so good with time,but I am compassionate. I like to hope that I am can make a difference in my friends lives. In any relationship I think it is extremely important to tell the truth, as trust and open communication is imperative. I have been in a very stressful divorce and litigation. I have gained weight that will be lost.

What I am looking for in my Soul Mate

I am looking for an educated, entrepreneurial type of person who is eclectic. An attitude of the glass being half full, persists in the face of adversity. Likes to be physical, passionate and romantic. A bit of a take charge attitude. Someone who is a bit intuitive as I am, who can communicate on that level. Someone sensitive who enjoys being outdoors that loves to experience new things and new situations. Some one who has faced his own disappointments. Someone who believes it is important to give back to the community. Someone wise and loving, that will know me.

These are things I am most proud of

I love being creative, sculpture, woodworking, jewelry making, photography, costume design, writing, leather working and into renaissance. I am an ENFP in the Myers and Briggs personality type. As a person I am quiet, your being more talkative is great. I enjoy touching with the right person. I may take a while to get to know. I am honest and upfront and you must be too. I like to know the truth of a situation and be very persistent in knowing that truth. As an intuitive I communicate a lot non verbally and so do wish to have someone that communicates similar to me to be with. I am very sensitive to energy work, and enjoy learning to use it. I am intelligent but not witty. I am empathic and can see into some peoples hearts, you cannot do this and have a relationship without being totally honest.

Regarding myself - I would like to improve

procrastination, not believing in myself. Not bad habits but a place to add something more: I believe family is very important. I have a 36 year old son, who is disabled, living with his aunt, and a 23 year old son who is a math science techo geek, sensitive person. My younger son and I have several cats also.

I'm also interested in

I like to dance, ride bicycles, workout, roller blade, hike, backpack, wilderness camp, 4x4. I ride my own goldwing, like woodworking, jewelry making and renaissance, and costume design. Would love to learn to fly. I'm thinking of becoming involved in the community. I like to write. I like to talk. I hope I can be of benefit to this world. I would like to be part of a healing center.

You should also know that

I have been impatiently waiting for you, I have wanted so very deeply for so long to hold you and look into your eyes and remember times of different eras that we were together, best of friends. Need you to help me when I am stressed, need to hug and be hugged. Want to learn from you the experiences you have had since we have danced together. Be there always for you, believe in you and you in me, encouraging me to do and be what I know I can do, but it’s so hard to do without you.

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