Traveling Tarise
62 / Female / Straight / Divorced
Vancouver Washington
My Thoughts on the Metaphysical

Metaphysical to me is truth. I know we are all one in another dimension, but here on this earth plane we are each here to experience many emotions, thoughts, and relationships. Learning to remember our purpose thru our heart and not our mind (ego). I AM loving this journey!

What I would like you to know about Me

I AM ready to share this wonderful journey with a like-minded grounded man. I enjoy traveling and still have many places on my bucket list! I am close to retiring and would really like that special someone to share my free time with.

What I am looking for in my Soul Mate

I AM looking for a kind, caring, and compassionate man. Eating more on the healthy side and can cook would be a great bonus!

These are things I am most proud of

My best habits are..I AM loyal, enjoy dancing, traveling, and listening. Not sure those are habits..but they work for me! -:)

Regarding myself - I would like to improve

I MAY interrupt you when you are speaking to get my thoughts in if you talk too much or think you have to be right all the time. That really is not being grounded.

I'm also interested in

Enjoying LIFE! Traveling, dancing, qi gong, yoga, walking, hiking...etc.

You should also know that

Not can always ask..i will be honest as i have nothing to hide. Not worth my time to hide myself and don't want it in my life.

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