Spiritual, Cute, Funny
58 / Female / Straight / Single Never Married
Pasadena California
My Thoughts on the Metaphysical

Reiki Master-Teacher, Pranic Healer, Animal Communicator, Psychic, Lightworker,

What I would like you to know about Me

Have a good sense of self and humor. Curious about life --always learning. Enjoy exploring CA and seeing what it has to offer. Also focusing on self discovery. Stand-up has become a new passion of mine. Striving to live every moment to the fullest. Staying real and open to life experiences.

What I am looking for in my Soul Mate

You have a good sense of self and humor. Learned your lessons, forgave. You are healthy - body, mind, and spirit. Being clean, neat, metaphysical, open-minded, intelligent, creative and talented describes you too. And oh yeah you are a great kisser. You have a passion for life.

These are things I am most proud of

Take pride in my appearance.

Regarding myself - I would like to improve

Still thinking.

I'm also interested in

Theatre, Stand-up Comedy, Reading, Writing, Laughing, Cuddling.

You should also know that

My life's journey is filled with wonderful experiences. I'm creative and intuitive. Healing work is my passion and I am grateful to the universe for sending me the people who allow me to hold the space for them to release and let go of what is no longer serving them. If my energy in this profile touches your heart, please let me know.

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