Love with all of your heart and fly like a feather in the wind.
22 / Male / Gay / Single Never Married
Bradenton FLORIDA
My Thoughts on the Metaphysical

I am very spiritual and I am very passionate about treating others the way you want to be treated. I have the spiritual ability to channel high galactic beings and Arch Angels, feel energy, astral travel, and much more. I believe we all have a purpose here on this earth. There is a lot I could say here, but I would rather talk and get to know you. :)

What I would like you to know about Me

I have Tourettes Syndrome, which has been said by doctors that with Tourettes, you have uncontrollable or involuntary movements or sounds called "Ticks" and no not the bug. I explain it a different way, however, you do have to keep in mind that all cases vary. I like to explain Tourettes to people who have never heard about it before by saying pretend you have an itch on your body. Now, lets add the fact that this itch wont go away if you dont scratch it. So of course, you scratch your itch to get rid of the "sensation" of the itch, right? It's the same with ticks except that itch that wont go away, is tension building up in a certain part of your body. This could manifest in any part of your body. My ticks are moving me head slightly and a small humming noise. So to further explain, the "uncontrollable" part of Tourettes is not the actual action or sound, but rather the tension, tightness or physical feeling that builds up to make you want to do the tick.

What I am looking for in my Soul Mate

I am a gay male, and I guarantee you, I'm not your typical. I am not looking for love, but rather waiting for love to find me when I'm ready. Im not into hooking up, or a quick fix. I want something real, something emotional, and spiritual. I want our souls to connect and intertwine. I do believe in reincarnation, and i have already come across a tiny handful of people from last lives, words, universes, angelic realms.

These are things I am most proud of

I communicate very well. I love engaging in conversation, coming from a nonjudgmental standpoint.

Regarding myself - I would like to improve

Biting my nails.

I'm also interested in

I am intersted in finding a gay male or some type or coming across a soul mate of mine

You should also know that

I love musicals, late night rides in the car, traveling, 4 AM talks, cuddling, and being there for my friends and family. I also love animals.

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