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I'm a (non-red neck) country boy who prefers a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle with as much laughter (I have a very quic + Astral projection, astrology, past lives, channeling, hypnosis, A Course in Miracles ...far too many more to mention. I …


Like I mentioned before I am a visual artist, deep thinker and question almost everything in life that I don't quite und + I am a visionary artist, very empathic, intuitive and am interested in the New Thought and the teachings of Science of M …


A Super High-end [IMFP}-Spiritual but not religious in Native American vein. + Born to it. …


I'm a work in progress. + I've always been intrigued by metaphysical beliefs. Life is a journey & we learn new things as we travel the road of …


I'm a Christian Reiki Master and an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs, the rarest and most intuitive. I'm a therapist and a scree + I'm a 3rd Degree Reiki Master and also a Christian. I am looking for a partner with compatible spirituality. I practice …


Please ask + I believe that anything is possible. I have experienced impossible therefore it doesn't exist. …

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