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Nice guy ... caring and helpful. Maybe to much at times but .. that is the way I am. + Astrologically speaking .. I am a Pisces. I am focussed on learning and growing spiritually. My primary growth path for …


Born and raised in Texas. Married once, which lasted four years, which ended amicably, no children. Parents are passed. + Before "What the Bleep..." I developed ways of channeling energy (distance viewing, telekinesis, manifestation …


I believe in love at first sight and miracles. I have a very funny sense of humor. I am a soulful, professional singer, + Everything is energy …


I'm an Ozark Hill Wych. Transplanted to Minn by a tornado. Original woodstock hippy trying to survive the computor age + Very open minded on this subject. …


I love the outdoors and being around water. I believe in communication and being open minded. Integrity is a must + I have been gifted since eight and have always thought out the box. I have learned to embrace what i have and use it to …


Angelic and sweet, I believe in a sincere heart and be willing to love. Love to love and hug and enjoy quiet warm times + All things spiritual including Angels, meditation, orbs, nature and more : ) …

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