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conscious of giving love,joy of giving ,feeling of love en-motion love in action is not taking of another but rather of + a taurus awaken to the greatest love story never reality in existence love is all there is,being aware to re …


Alternative, artistic, creative, free thinking, free spirited time travelling hippie with soul. Loves music, dancing, la + Poetically speaking - it seems that it's a God dreamt Universe and we're dream subjects in it. Like fractals, it's minds …


I'm a (non-red neck) country boy who prefers a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle with as much laughter (I have a very quic + Astral projection, astrology, past lives, channeling, hypnosis, A Course in Miracles ...far too many more to mention. I …


Im on this earth learning to be myself and practicing authentic self expression without fear of judgment. I love love an + Astrology, Tarot, Past Lives, Spiritual Consciousness to include present moment awareness, Psychology, God as source ene …


A Leo with Cancer rising and my moon in Sagittarius, never married, no kids, compassionate, introspective, reflective, c + A lot of people are into "New Age" type stuff, but I've never felt like that's where I'm at. I like the heavi …


I'm an old soul, so they say. I'm quiet, content, and find the most joy in the little things. I'd like to spend an even + There is much more to the world than what those in power would like us to believe. I'm whole heartedly involved in shama …

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