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I aam very caring, a great listener aand easy to talk with + I am very interested in astrology, psychic stuff and the paranormal. …


I am a life long meditator and learner. deeply interested self development. On my free time I enjoy reading and research + One thought energy manifesting in different ways …


I had to choose the separated category but my wife and I are together in ethical non-monogamy and practice unconditional + Unconditionality, healing, spiritual cinema, books by Chopra and Dyer and CWG. Angels, spirit guides astral projection. …


I am currently studing sacred geometry and the ancient secret of the flower if life. I recently took two reiki classes + Manifestation, Consciousness creates reality. The Universe provides. …


I find that it is easier to describe what I do than who I am. I am a massage therapist and motorcycle beginning rider co + I am metaphysically inclined into natural healing, a medical intuitive with lots to learn. I am an emotional empath, int …

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