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Use of Cookies

Date of statement Oct 31, 2018

Astral Hearts uses Cookies. By using Astral Hearts and by agreeing to Astral Hearts Cookie Usage Policy, you consent to our use of Cookies.

Cookies are files stored temporarily on your computer by the web browser you use to access Astral Hearts. These temporary cookie files contain unique numerical identifiers that are sent to Astral Hearts by your web browser each time your browser makes a request to Astral Hearts.

Cookies are used by Astral Hearts to maintain persistent state information about your account on Astral Hearts which references that information by using the cookie to lookup your persistent state information each time your browser reaches out to Astral Hearts.

There are two types of cookies available to Astral Hearts provided by your web browser: Persistent cookies which exist until their expiration date or are deleted by clearing your web browsers cookie cache and Session cookies which exist until you close your web browser and can also be deleted by clearing your web browser cache. Astral Hearts does not use any other type of cookie nor any other mechanism with similar functionality.

[attn: Revised] Astral Hearts does not use ‘persistent’ cookies. Astral Hearts does use 'session' Cookies. A ‘session’ cookie is only valid while your web browser session is active and is used to reference information stored on Astral Hearts such as your account information and if you are ‘logged-in’ or not. Typically when you close your browser this information is deleted but not always depending on your web browser settings. If your web browser allows for session cookies to persist after you have closed the browser this may mean that when you return to Astral Hearts, if you were logged in you may still be logged in the next time you visit. Clearing your web browsers cookie cache deletes all of these cookies – when you return to Astral Hearts you will again be asked to log-in again. Please note that clearing your web browser cache does not delete your account information from Astral Hearts and if you return to Astral Hearts and log in we again restore your session cookie so that you can continue to use Astral Hearts.

Specifically cookies do not contain any personal information nor do cookies identify you personally however cookies are a pointer that is used by Astral Hearts to access your account information on Astral Hearts which enable functionality such as to remember who you are, when and while, you are using Astral Hearts.

Your web browser does not allow other website to access cookies created by Astral Hearts and as such other websites can not tell that you are using or have used Astral Hearts in the past.

Astral Hearts has no third party advertising and as such there are no third parties to set cookies on your computer as you use Astral Hearts.

If you block cookies it is not likely that you will be able to use Astral Hearts as EVERY time you do anything we will direct you to log in and as soon as you do log in the very next time you navigate to any page within Astral Hearts, because you do not have a session cookie, we will ask you to log in again and this will be repeated over and over and over. Without cookies we can not tell who you are and as such, even though you may have a valid Astral Hearts account, we can not see that account as you navigate within Astral Hearts.

You may delete Astral Hearts cookies at any time in your web browser and searching for ‘delete cookies’ on any search engine will give you specific relevant results on how to do so. When you return to Astral Hearts without cookies we will ask you to log in and at that point we will, again, set cookies remembering who you are and allowing you to use Astral Hearts.