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Privacy Policy

Date of Statement: Oct 31, 2018

What is this Privacy Policy? This Privacy Policy is a statement from Astral Hearts to you, our user, that specifies what Astral Hearts does with any data collected from you by your use of the Astral Hearts Website, App for Android or IOS and your interaction with Astral Hearts directly when you email, snail mail or call us.

Astral Hearts does not sell your information to anyone. Period.

Astral Hearts does not allow anyone outside of Astral Hearts to access or use information which you have provided to Astral Hearts. Ever. Period.

Astral Hearts uses information which you have provided to us to facilitate the operation of the Astral Hearts Website, App for Android or IOS and to facilitate interaction with Astral Hearts should you email, snail mail or call. This may include displaying this information to other users who are using the Astral Hearts Website or App (Android or IOS).

Astral Hearts does not have any third party advertising therefor no data is transmitted to third parties relating to your navigation or use of Astral Hearts.

Astral Hearts uses https to encrypt the data between Astral Hearts’s servers and your web browser. Astral Hearts does not allow use of the Astral Hearts service without the https connection being in place. Without using https you will be denied interaction with Astral Hearts’s servers as they will constantly ask to reconnect using https.

If this Privacy Policy changes and you have chosen to be updated when the privacy policy changes you will be emailed at the email address Astral Hearts has for you, stored in your account, no more than once per day, informing you that the Privacy Policy has changed. When you visit Astral Hearts and log in if the Privacy Policy has changed you will also be notified at that time and have the opportunity to read and agree to the new Privacy Policy.

Astral Hearts allows you to delete your account at any time in which case your account information is backed up off line if any activity exists from the account, encrypted and stored for up to 1 year in order to comply with local laws relating to data retention and requests for assistance from local law enforcement. Once you delete your Astral Hearts account you can ask to have your account reinstated by emailing us, laying out the scenario for us to understand and asking that the account be reactivated which we will address on a case by case basis. There is no guarantee that the account will be reinstated or that your previous information will be recovered.