San Francisco
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Regarding the Metaphysical
Eckhart Tolle, A Course in Miracles, Nonduality, Tony Parsons, Nathan Gill, John Wheeler, Rmanan Maharashi, Nisargaddata, Mooji, Candice O'Denver, Peter Brown, , Adyashanti John De Ruiter!!, , Emmanuel (Pat Rodegast), Adyashanti, , Landmark Education, Seth, Unity, CWG, Reiki, Osho, Krishnamurti, Adi Da, Ravi Shankar, Avatar, Advaita, Ganagaji, Buddhism, - basically most nondual taechings specifically contemporary teachers. Ask me about my website! Blessings BE FREE!!

Let me tell you about you
Would like to do a radio show and open a spiritual center. More about this - send me a email and ask about my website!

Others see these qualities in myself
Supportive, trustworthy, affectionate, spiritually devoted

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
What does this mean?

Movies, Writing, Tennis, Basketball, Spiritual Groups, Sunday Drives to nowhere

Additional Information
Sometimes low-key yet can be adventurous and outgoing as well (Gemini). Fascinated with the miracle of life ( and I do not mean babies being born) - Ex. Being alive, conscious, aware of inner and outer apparent self).My spirituality is very much reflected in my personality which I embrace as not my true essence but from which my essence can express itself. I love intimacy and I am extraordinarily affectionate, you will find support and honest communication from me. I am looking for someone who is like me. Willing to grow toward spiritual awakening both experimentally and intellectually. (Heart and Mind). Spiritual maturity and compatibility are more important to me than age (20-50). Support and affection are important qualities. Non-manipulative, easy to be with (laid back without the need to talk) and willing to know the ecstasy of who we really are. I look forward to meeting the mirror of my soul! I know you're there. Some more of my spiritual interests are Nonduality, Adyashanti, Mooji, Jeff Foster, Scott Kiloby,Wayne Dyer, Chopra, Channeled material,Science of Mind,Gangaji, Papaji, Ramana Maharshi, Contemporary non-dualistic Advaita teachers. And open to all spirituality if it truly teaches unity, openness, oneness. nonduality non daulity non-duality nondualism

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Collaboration, Advaita/Nondual/Zen/Buddhist/ACIM and other oriented,

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