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LOA adventurer looking for co-creator

Regarding the Metaphysical
I have been on the path over a decade. A friend showed me stuff from Stewart Wilde and I never looked back getting my hands on everything I can. I found smiling is contagious!

A little about me
I am six foot even at 190 pounds with a full head of dark brown hair with that nice touch of temple gray. My daily exercise takes me along the beautiful inter-coastal waterway to the marina by bicycle saying “Hi” to my osprey friends along the way. It is such mind candy that I have to confess it is an addiction. My passion of creating interestingly started with my engineering education then it occurred to me my German heritage just might have something to do with it. Ok, maybe it is the Virgo?! All I truly know from then center of my heart my creations and co-creations are all good!

Let me tell you about you
A Law of Attraction lady looking for a long term relationship leading to family.

Others see these qualities in myself
Adventurer at heart continually learning new stuff appreciating my expansion.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Bad habits are only perceptions of a continually repeating thought/action not bring out the joy so to answer this question is my joy is expressed with full gratitude all day long.

I like biking riding, exercise, fishing, camping, beaching, traveling, kayaking, public and private events.

Additional Information
Only for those seeking hank9643, yahoo!!! Take care and much positive thoughts!

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