Culver City
United States
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Regarding the Metaphysical
as of a few years ago have been experiencing a truly awsome ongoing metamorphasis in my understanding and being. I enjoy being open to and learning of the gifts we poses and infinite possibilities that exist.

A little about me
the powers that be have put me on a path of spiritual growth that i've come to accept, and pursue with great enthusiam. I would very much enjoy further growth and exploration with a companion, friend, pal, playmate, lover.

Let me tell you about you
one who has their own strong faith in that wich is spiritual, with own best understanding to share, and always open to new understanding or possibilities.

Others see these qualities in myself
enjoy being happy, seeing the good in things, persistance even during times of trial.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
at times worry, or fear.

While i appreciate the finer things, i enjoy the simple things, and am tickeld to no end by the little things. music, food, art, nature, gardening, building things, (and definetly), alone time with that special someone, are amongst the things i enjoy.

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