Truth and be True - to yourself
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Are you the (simple) perfect girl for me?

Regarding the Metaphysical
The Divine: Father God and Divine Mother of Love, White Light, Seeker of Truth, Energy Healing, *Pranic Healing*(website), Christ Consciousness, Reiki, Meditation, Zen, Channeling, Shaman, Yoga, herbs/crystals.

A little about me
Hi, my name is Alex and I work in property management. I am a compassionate and caring guy who will stand up, for her. Sympathetic, trusting, understanding, and help others in need. I give all into the relationship for that special someone, giving more in return when someone gives to me. As far as friends, I stay away from people that are dishonest and are trying to be someone else. I prefer to have trustworthy friends instead of lots of "kinda" friends I can't rely on. I would like to raise a family someday with that special someone.

Let me tell you about you
Looking for a sweet and caring girl who is true to herself, honest, selfless, giving, and emotionally healthy. She knows what she wants from life and is motivated to get it. One who is ready for a relationship as feels she has worked and healed through her issues. If we are meant to be together, you will know!

Others see these qualities in myself
Exercise, healthy eating as much as I can, no smoking, meditate, faithful and honest. Trustworthy

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
((Thinking too much, not enough sleep, some what impatient)). I WROTE this while back and after getting some spiritual healing. I am more at peace, patient, and structured, but still working at better sleep.

Watch & Relax to Classical Soundtracks such as Lord Of The Rings(the calming ones), Dances w/ Wolves, The Celestine Prophecy movie, music from Basil Poledouris, and other forms of classicals and meditational music. I guess having played School Orchestra has inspired my love of music, although I do listen to a small variety of other musi including soft music. Playing computer games, acoustic guitar (to songs by ear or tabs), tennis/racquetball, and playing a goofball at times. Going out everyonce in a while or cuddling up to a movie is a good thing.

Additional Information
My picture is recent, by a year. I guess I haven't changed much at all picture wise. Would've you guessed that I was born with golden blond hair?

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