Ann Arbor
United States
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Regarding the Metaphysical
The art of living and loving is an intentional creation.

Life and everything I've encountered, shamanism, eft, monroe gateway, crystals, quantum touch, reiki, holosync, tuning forks, drumming, spiritual healing and living (coming full circle).

A little about me
I'm an independent consultant with time and resources to travel, looking for potential and eventual new home in an energetic and healthy locale.

I am a voracious reader from the Dictionary through The Artist's Way, Tantric Quest, Celestine Vision, Essential Reiki / Psychic Healing, Holographic Universe, Conscious Loving, Shamanic Healing, The Field, Love Signs, Animal Speak, Zuni Fetishes, Venus Trines at Midnight, Atlas Shrugged and more ...

Let me tell you about you
You are a recognized goddess. I met you in dreamtime and I know we'll encounter one another ... balanced, growing, passionate, sensual, seeking beyond frameworks for freedom and expressing essence in every conscious activity, with imagination in each thought. You are sure you will connect with the dancing flames of resonant souls and accept the path to your goals. You have challenging moments, days and cycles ... yet a child's enthusiasm carries you across the voids to the next shore ... shall we color the world in peace and love?

Others see these qualities in myself
Smoking American Spirits Shamelessly, outdoors only, respectful to all souls around me. Organized, loyal, neat, high energy, compassionate, mildly intuitive, communicative on topics of perceived worth ... and balanced.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
This is a matter of perspective, and as long as I grow I shed my skin and become further experienced.

Photography, travel, mountain biking, water, writing prose and retaining balance.

Additional Information
This Day
This day is yours
mold, shape and create
by night, canvass wiped clean
you are the artist, the medium, the work
Power is yours
imagine and direct, bold or muted
symmetrical or chaotic
all paths open
Encounter, greet yourself, again
often forgotten, never lost
never found
Experience today's potential
raw energy, flowing life
celebrated, in reverence
You are everything
whole, complete, connected
loved and loving, living

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