Bliss Mistress
United States
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Love Unlimited

Regarding the Metaphysical
Love is my religion. Finding a sense of One-ness through yoga, meditation, drumming, dancing, being with kindred spirits, making love, time in nature. Have read books, attended workshops on various metaphysical subjects for the past 30 years and find more than anything else, that I discover wonder in simply being alive.

A little about me
Celebrating each day to the fullest, treasuring family and friends, highly intuitive, creative, an insatiable cuddler, softening and surrendering, healing touch, a safe haven for those I love, have been described as a Bliss Mistress, Renaissance Woman, Minstrel of All, Goddess, Resource Queen. Desiring a partner to share the dance of life. Have been widowed more than 10 years and in that time, have welcomed wonderfully loving partners and learned that 'love is never wasted'. Each one has taught me more about what I want and has reflected who I am. Want to travel and teach with my

Let me tell you about you
Loving, open hearted, available emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, sexually. If you have been in love before, you are ready to love again, full out. Doing your own healing work. Healthy body, mind and spirit (smoke, drug and preferably alcohol free or at least only occasional social indulgence) Intelligent, creative, well read, politically left of center, commited to peace, good communicator, healthy relationships, spiritual, but not necessarily religious, musical or at least appreciating music. Desiring an intimate relationship that is an equal partnership. Comfortable one on one and in groups, affectionate in public and private. Wants the love of a lifetime.

Others see these qualities in myself
chocolate:) being a woman of my word, in integrity...doing what I say, saying what I mean.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
working too hard at times, taking on more than I can handle, chocolate:)

creative endeavors, writing, speaking, massage, energy work, conscious loving community, tantra, music (listening and creating), reading, movies, walking/hiking, swimming

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