Tonto Goldstein
United States
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ISO wonderwoman

Regarding the Metaphysical
Healing, Energy, Karma, Intuitive, Projector

A little about me
I'm a very down to Earth, honest and kind person who strives
to live his life making the "right" choices and stop to
help stranded women and old people on the side of the
road (Guys should be able to fix their own tires...)
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Let me tell you about you
I don't need to tell you who you are, you should know.. But I can tell you things about yourself you don't know, give me a chance..

Others see these qualities in myself
This is easy.. :-) Kind, generous, calm, problem solver, self learner, constantly evolving, healer (physical and energetically), I could go on but I'm too humble.. :-P

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Smoking (as of this moment, quiting...), overly analytical, wow, I'm doing pretty good..

Sailing, horses, bikes (w/ & w/o motors)electronics, drumming, sociology

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