South Carolina
United States
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Regarding the Metaphysical
I have a wide variety of interests in the metaphysical. Essentially, I am an explorer, a counselor, and a healer. I respond both logically and intuitively to each situation. When counseling, I often use various divination, such as Tarot or I Ching, and also use hypnosis if requested. I assist with past-life regression and also work with soul retrieval. My spiritual affinity is panentheistic. I enjoy earth centered relationship with the divine as well as having a profound appreciation for our vast universe. I've experienced both the transcendence of Satori and lived through the dark night of the soul.

A little about me
I am warm and affectionate. Although previously athletic, I've gained weight, but I'm still strong and competent. I tend to be both mystical and practical. I am open to the possibility of an expanded family such as what is sometimes refered to as polyamory, though that is not a requirement.

Let me tell you about you
I'm seeking a man who is kind as well as intelligent. He should preferably be well informed in his areas of interest and have practical life skills. It would be nice if he were something of a modern day Renaissance man. Being comfortable and skillful in the outdoors is a plus for me.

Others see these qualities in myself
I read extensively. I walk for exercise. I'm caring and compassionate, which makes me a good listener. I balance well both social interactions with the local pagan community and also my private world. I love to explore on the Internet.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I have a tender conscience and try to do my best to do no harm; sometimes it might lead me to take on personal responsibility/blame for matters which I might be better to release.

I am part owner of a somewhat neglected organic citrus farm (68 acres) in Belize Central America. It was intended to be the location of a holistic healing center/retreat. I have not returned there since the death of my husband. We were married 33 years. I would be exceptionally happy to locate a good partner for this mission.

Additional Information
I'm 5'2", with hazel eyes & round body. I do not smoke, except for occasionally organic tobacco at drumming circles. I occasionally drink about one glass of wine, 2 at most, if I dine out at a nice restaurant. I have never abused street or prescription drugs, but I'm interested in someday possibly using entheogens to facilitate conscious divine connection.

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