Dominican Republic
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seeking that one tantric partner for this lifetime

Regarding the Metaphysical
Seeking a relationship with someone conscious so we can share our lives and grow together spiritually.

A little about me
I'm very warm, easy to talk to, intelligent, passionate, conscious and brutally honest. I like to meditate, do yoga and read books about consciousness. I like simple things like holding hands and watching sunsets, but I also like to travel, shoot pool, play chess (with myself on the computer, can't find anyone to play with!) and I spend a lot of time on the net keeping up with diet and supplement info. I am a health nut and I am very careful about what I eat which is mostly vegetarian with no gluten or dairy. I love raw food snacks and my latest craze is maple mesquite walnuts that I make in my dehydrator. I'm not overly sensitive or emotional. I don't get PMS and it takes an awful lot to even BEGIN to ruin my day because I'm way too happy. This is especially good for me because of where I live. We don't get all the quality products and services like I did back in the US.

Here's a little about life in the DR: I had my bathroom remodeled but it still has problems that nobody can fix, the gas water heater is a pain and alternately burns and freezes me in the shower, the electricity isn't always on, a lot of the gasoline has water in it, the workers don't show up if it looks like there might be rain within the next month or so, I waited 3 months for closet doors, the screen guy apparently won't come unless he's bound and gagged, the cable tv repairman didn't come to my house until I had been calling for a year, one kitchen drawer won't open because the stove is too big, my tools are slowly disappearing, you can't drink the tap water, can't throw paper in the toilet and I had to get rid of my Camry and get a Montero because the roads are so bad to get to my house. But I absolutely LOVE it here! I am very resourceful and don't really care if I have tv or not, anyway. Even so, I am willing to relocate.

I don't drink or smoke and I never get bored and need a distraction. I wish to find someone with whom I can share everything with. I want to feel something that I've only read about but never experienced - I want to feel the energies of our chakras merge.

I would like to go back to school and take courses in nutrition and supplements as my degrees in accounting and finance don't interest me anymore. I did taxes for 15 years, quit that 5 years ago, and now I'm resting comfortably in the Caribbean for a while.

I don't really like club scenes, I prefer a quiet time like going to a park, museum, restaurant, the beach or even hanging out at home listening to music or watching movies. I like classical, reggae, classic rock (from the seventies and eighties mostly), and new age music. I like to get regular massages, shiatsu and energy work done on myself.

Let me tell you about you
You are conscious and want to explore a deeper relationship with someone you can experience everything with. You are big, strong, attractive and know yourself so well inside and out that you can open up and share yourself. You are charming and affectionate with a great sense of humor and don't take life too seriously. If a laugh or cry situation comes up, you choose to laugh every time. You don't mind traveling or spontaneous changes in plans.

Others see these qualities in myself
meditation, yoga

I would like to visit some interesting places like Easter Island, Peru, where ever a solar eclipse occurs, Thailand and Brazil, for a start.

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