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Creative Open-Minded SAHM Seeking Kindred Spirit for a LTR :)

Regarding the Metaphysical
Divination, the books "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life", "Animal Speak", & "The Prophet". I love Native American & other Earth-based beliefs, & my faith mainly is centered on that, but also I've benefited from Wicca, Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, & Unity. Have you been to Genesis Global Spiritual Center in Burien? I love it there. :) I like their music & their meditations & services on Sunday mornings; I'd love to attend w/you! I adore symbolism, sayings of White Eagle, poems by Rumi, poems by Hafiz, Unity, ACIM, etc.

A little about me
I'm a Stay-at-Home mom of a wonderful toddler who lights up my life. :) I'm a writer, artist, poet, & singer who loves hand-drumming, pen-palling, & enjoying nature. I'm on disability due to bipolar disorder & fibromyalgia. My dream is to swim with dolphins in the wild, & I'm saving up to make that a reality. :) I want to do something special to ring in 11/11/2011! ;) Let's walk a Labyrinth, perhaps?

Let me tell you about you
It would be great if you're financially $table, own your own home, have a job you enjoy, & want to raise a family.
It's very important to me that you be monogamous, a non-smoker (including that you do not smoke pot), don't do drugs, & that you're STD-free. Also, I'd only like to be involved with someone who drinks lightly socially (to get buzzed, not drunk) or who doesn't drink at all. It would be great to meet someone with common interests & who is cool with exploring Kama Sutra!

Others see these qualities in myself
I go to the YMCA to exercise. I give myself foot massages after I get out of a bath or shower. I nap when my son naps when I really need the extra rest. I listen & stay calm as best I can & respond rather than react when I'm upset.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I've been a packrat my whole life & am still working on de-cluttering. I don't know how to cook very well & want to make healthier meals... I'd love some help! ;)

Zines, faeries, unicorns, mermaids, rocks/crystals, the moon, cats, movies, listening to music, dancing like no one is watching, erotica, kinky sensual/sexual play, if I had a kiln I would love to do pottery again (I'd make handbuilt creations, not things on the wheel), & I love getting snail mail letters... it completely makes my day! :D

Additional Information
I'm a former LMP (Licensed Massage Practitioner). I can no longer give massages that last longer than about 5 minutes, but I love to receive them!

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