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Seeking likeminded companion to share all that is available ; )

Regarding the Metaphysical
In love with Nature.. Love light, animals reading walking, creating, oceans, skies, stars, trees, mountains...Oh and I am of truth..

A little about me
The programmed masses would say I am off track and a bit twisted, LOL but I consider myself eccentric, nature connected and in love with energy that is of white light and all that sparkles.. ; ) I am enamored with the planet and all of mother earths mysteries and beauty.. To include the Universe of course.. The Oceans, mountains, winds, clouds, stars, trees, rivers, rocks, animals, did I say animals? I could go on and on.. Too much to mention and really, we do not have the vocabulary available to describe ; )

Let me tell you about you
You get me, without words.. You are as connected to nature and the many different dimensions that physical life has to offer like I am. You enjoy and take advantage of a moment, the here and now ..

Others see these qualities in myself
I am both honest and loyal, have a deep level of compassion, am empathetic. I enjoy meditating. I am working on taking care of me to the same level I love caring for others. I try to eat healthy and stay fit, but on occasion love a treat, especially chocolate ; )

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
still have a smoke on occasion.. Working on getting out of my own way at times : )

So many.. I enjoy reading, gardening, painting, creating a sculture, collecting stones, feathers, music.. I love to bake and decorate a cake. I enjoy the mysteries of all that surrounds me, quantum physic's, all possibilities.. Intuition, the "knowing", nudges from spirit.. Enjoy telepathy, healing naturally, and Angels.. : ) Animals, well we have this connection...

Additional Information
so much more to come I hope.. So stay tuned!
Blessings to you <3

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Collaboration, Someone from the same ,

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