Hot Springs
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Love For Ideas and Truth

Regarding the Metaphysical
Studied the metaphysical aspects of existence since my early high school yers.

A little about me
Background is TV News & University teaching. I enjoy music with great lyrics, walking, hiking, turner classic movies, cinnamon rolls and organic coffee, great talks and late night breakfast if the place knows how to do breakfast right. I also began observations of life cartoons (humorous) in 2002 and have drawn about 9,000.

I love writing humorous stories that make a point. Writing them entertains me. . I spent most of my career in TV news,9 years of it traveling with my photographer, Jim, throughout Texas, telling stories about people and places you would never see on the news for our Live at Five show. I taught radio-tv-film broadcasting at three universities (one year each).

You might like to know this about me:

I enjoy trying foods from various countries; My seven year old grandson who lives in Texas wants to have his own cooking show on cable tv (for kids to eat nutritious food) and I'm helping him with his presentation for a cable show. One of my favorite weekly activities is going to the Tuesday night and Saturday morning Farmer's Market in the city where I live. It is a rich experience!

I love the water, wind, seagulls flying over of bodies of water -- like the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon coast (6,000 miles of water between the coast and Japan), Lake Michigan in Chicago, the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. and Jekyll Island along the Georgia coast. with its vast waters and bracing, winds, the place where so many wealthy people built summer homes in the early years of the 20th Century.

I love elegance and enjoy sampling exquisite food; also enjoy a knock-out breakfast place where the pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and coffee are so fresh and great tasting, and the atmosphere promotes reading, ideas, and talking.

T like the arts because they are, to me, like a magic carpet that can trasport us to other times and places. I enjoy the arts, but have never taken to opera even though I love the music of Bach and Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi, not as much though as the rock n' roll songs from our high school sock hop days -- or the Motown recordings in Detroit and Sun Record recordings (Tennessee) Elvis made in his early years..

This is a journey and although we didn't grow into our interests together, it would be great to share the ones have.

Let me tell you about you
You are easy going, protective, comfortable, a pleasure to be around, able to upload your gratitude. You see the humor in life and know how to poke holes in the balloon of its way too serious demeanor. You have pulled the plug on "drama" in yourr life and given it its cancellation notice.. Your poise comes from feeling comfortable being who you are and you like giving compliments. You know how to catch someone doing something right and easily show your appreciation.. I love compliments and I hope you thrive on them as well If you can, in your own subtle and quirky view of life, make me laugh -- then I'm hooked! If you love ideas, and books, as I do, we are going to entertain each other and have fun for a long time.

Others see these qualities in myself
Love fresh organic fruit and vegetables from the Farmer's Market
Easy to please
Love to give and receive compliments
Writing humorous stories and metaphysical cartoons for my own entertainment
organically grown coffee
Good listener; I see learning as fun.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Staying up very late at night
A craving for healthy desserts (often and frequently)
Surface chit chat about "nothing" in particular makes me want to go home and read a good book or write a story

Walking the mountain trails where I live
Breakfast and good conversation any time of day or night
Cartooning the quirky aspects of life
Having a warm, close relationship with a woman best pal

Additional Information
One thing I look for in photos is the light in a person's face (or eyes). That life is the person's vitality and life energy which always makes me feel great to be around.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship,

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