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Regarding the Metaphysical

A little about me
Life for me has been a wonderful adventure yet learning how to overcome the challenges have been my greatest assets. I am an out of the box person for sure.... I have spent most of my life servicing humanity, learning about different spiritual practices and of course traveling. I love music, theatre and dance. I so enjoy connecting to nature and to other human souls. The most profound aspect of my life is to love. It is in giving that we receive...

Let me tell you about you
No one is perfect of I would hope to first connect feeling chemistry. Communication and speaking truth are so very important for me in intimate relationship. I need someone who expects to grow and change with me. Feeling loved, honored and adored are essential. Someone who is light, fun and laughs will soothe my soul. Let’s take time to travel and sometimes play hard but relaxation and self-reflection is a must.....

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