New Mexico
United States
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To be truly known

Regarding the Metaphysical
I'm a Mystic with some Empath abilities, Searching for my soul mate who will truly know and love me, and I can experience the full expression of who I am with this person.

A little about me
I enjoy and appreciate all forms of Mysticism, Wiccan, Pagan, Eastern Philosophy, Ancient Egyptian teachings, Kabbalah, Hinduism, Indian Mysticism, etc......I do recognize the Divine Feminine. .It is in dream and Lucid states that I receive all my messages. I ask and answers come to me. The spiritual realm has been proven to me, On another note, my mind is all encompassing of many things on many levels, you can talk to me about anything. Open-ess is part of Our Truth. I'm 1/4 Cherokee Indian and I don't believe in The western, patriarchal societies,structure,religions etc... I desire a relationship where I can be expressive, intense, uninhibited and passionate with the lovemaking cause it's who I am and I desire a man who will not reject me turn me down and will have an amazing sexual drive like me. I want to be appreciated, truly known and loved deeply cause that's what I will give always. I'm balanced, intuitive and very loving and I believe in moderation in all but one area.....

Let me tell you about you
You are loyal, attentive, loving, faithful,passionate, fullfilling, satisfying, happy, compassionate, extremely sexual, Straight!! You'd rather talk to me then watch tv, I don't watch tv due to the programming and government control and spreading of perversion etc....I'd like someone who holds me at night and likes to always keep the love alive and give to me in every way like I will do for you. A man who will walk up to me and caress my hips while I'm cooking just cause you love me and you want me to know it always and you know how t o touch me. Stand by me and be there for me.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship,

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