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A song in her heart

Regarding the Metaphysical
We are all drops on the ocean of Life itself. Only Love is real and Love is what we came here for.

A little about me
I challenge my conditioned beliefs every day as I walk into the Juvenile Detention Center school where I am a counselor. The jail is where I am finding freedom from all the chains I had placed around my heart. I love to grow and find more freedom with every breath.

Let me tell you about you
A strong, yet safe, man who is also interested in growing. A gentle man who is not ashamed of his tears, who finds joy in simple things, who desires a partner in his path, and who is not afraid of silence.

Others see these qualities in myself
Meditation, bike riding and walking, drinking lots of water, "Sacred Listening" on a regular basis with friends, deep breathing, journaling, laughter yoga.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Occasionally allowing myself to fall into worrying energy. But able to stop it sooner all the time and turn it around.

Awakening my own Christ consciousness, spirituality, yoga, people who are growing, acoustic music, musical theater, singing, healing my inner child, growing things like my new plumeria tree.

Additional Information
I am a strong advocate for gay rights, as the mother of a gay son. I serve on the Board of Safe Schools South Florida and walk in the Gay Pride parade every year on Miami Beach. I am a strong advocate of the Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida and am bringing a panel of fathers into Juvie to work with the kids there. I donate to Southern Poverty Law Center, Smile Train, Dem party, Habitat for Humanity. I have two wonderful kids who are grown and live together with their partners in NYC.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship,

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