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To an empath- everything holds emotion

Regarding the Metaphysical
Thoughts on metaphysical and more....
I practice and research energy medicine, Shamanism & Meditation. I'm an empath, love this gorgeous planet, & work towards doing my part to heal her. Nature is cathartic for me and I've become very particular about the food and water I consume. I'm also an amateur bird watcher!!

To me: real attraction is based on a culmination of a mental, emotional, & physical connection. Anything less is of no interest to me as I've found it doesn't stand the test of time.

I liken relationships and attraction to fire. The super strong but purely physical attractions are similar to a match in that they burn out quickly leaving nothing to cultivate the fire. However, the attractions/relationships that include a mental and emotional connection as well as the physical have plenty to keep the fire roaring.

Who am I? This is a much deeper question than most people attribute to their response. I will say this- I am NOT this body, my chosen career, a financial bracket, the car I drive, or the clothes I wear. I am so much more than my physical appearance and the material things currently in my life. Rarely, though, does anyone think past what they can see, feel, hear, accomplish, or count- etc.... We are all much more than a list of life choices, accomplishments, & acquisitions.

An 'indigo' soul, child, or person is what I'm referring to in my profile name. The name is derived from the most outstanding and overall color typically seen an indigo's energetic field (aka: aura).

I have a free spirit with an exceedingly compassionate soul. I love and respect all animals. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for dogs. I also have a powerful drive to create a nonprofit organization that educates people, opens their hearts, minds, and homes to a dog's true worth. My heart also goes out to people with special needs- physical & mental. Therefore, I'd also like to incorporate service dog training- into the nonprofit- when I find dogs that have the necessary disposition.

I try not to think in linear terms. Understand that your experience of life is governed by your expectations. The seemingly smallest belief in the 'impossible' is sufficient in preventing the biggest of possibilities from ever happening

A little about me
Over the years I've come to realize nature, along with its wildlife, can be a phenomenal teacher. Take an ecosystem for example- everything in it has a place, purpose, and role to play. Nature and its inner workings are more insync than the most seasoned orchestra. I've come to find that balance plays an integral role in absolutely everything and is imperative for growth, beauty, wholeness, and functioning at full potential- full potential being limitless. An excellent example is Yellow Stone after the wolves were killed off by human beings. Natural balance was lost. It was the reintroduction of wolves into Yellow Stone that saved the park and the animals that call it home. EVERYTHING HAS ITS PLACE.

Balance plays a big part in relationships as well. A balance of mental, emotional, and physical needs to be present for a relationship to meet its full potential. The key is having met these needs within yourself prior to beginning a relationship. Being a whole person who is truly happy, loving, and fully accepting of who they are is necessary before you can begin to know what you want and need in a partner. By being fully accepting of who you are I'm referring to a person who takes complete responsibility for their own life and doesn't blame others for any part of their past. So often I find people hold others accountable for their past choices. This leads to resentment and a general harboring of anger. No one is responsible for YOUR choices but you. And, in the end, negative feelings only serve to eat away at the beholder and their life. Understand that I'm not telling anyone how to handle their feelings or life. However, I am saying that I do not want to be part of another person's life should they feel and act upon past negative experience/emotions. It takes a lot of work to be in any relationship this includes the one you have with yourself. I work on myself daily.

Life is full of 'issues'- we have all experienced them. It's not so much the issues themselves- it's how you choose to deal with them that matters. Having an open, balanced, and accepting perspective is vital for personal growth.

Let me tell you about you
I'm searching for someone who believes in the unseen, untouched, and unheard. Someone who knows this Universe or Multiverse is much bigger than can be perceived. Someone who is willing to learn, grow, and prosper through the experience of life.

Others see these qualities in myself
Best habits? I suppose- at this point- it's meditation and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I sometimes get stuck in my own person perception even though I know there's so much more to this experience.

EVERYTHING! I love to hear, read, and learn about it ALL!

Additional Information
Everyday I make a choice to live a positive, loving, compassionate, and productive life. My natural demeanor is very upbeat and it shows through my words and actions. To be honest, I've been told more times than I can remember how happy, outgoing, and 'bubbly' (not my words and more importantly not in a ditzy way) I come across. Of course, I have my not so good days but as a whole I have a happy, positive, compassionate, and forgiving nature. While I can respect (but not necessarily agree with) most any attitude- I connect best with an open minded, curious, compassionate, and generally happy person.

I consider my dog, Lucy, family and I treat her as such. We share a mutual love and respect for each other. That being said, I do not limit Lucy as to where she can go or what furniture she can get onto in our home. Lucy is a sentient being as are all dogs. She can reason, has feelings, and quite a remarkable thought process- as well as a soul. If you don't feel this way about dogs and/or are not a dog lover then I respect your point of view- please respect mine.

Last, but certainly not least, I consider all plants and animals to be sentient beings with a soul.

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