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Regarding the Metaphysical
I am clearly a spirit having a human experience, and I am learning everyday that all that happens is for a higher good and that all answers lie within if I am quiet enough and remember that we and I come from light, love and a higher being. I am trying to live presently but also trying to remember my history.

A little about me
I have great intution, and consider myself a light worker aI also hear the other side at times., and my dreams reveal many things that come to light... I am very sensitive, educated and loving..I love children, animals and the eldely. I have also learned to walk in my yang and well as my yin. I am also learning to love myself at this time and loving it. I love film, silence, the sound of water, book, nature, mindless tv and cooking. I Love to laugh and I am very playful as well as alble to be serious.I am also a mix of Spsnish, African , English, and Native AMerican roots.

Let me tell you about you
I am looking for a sweet soul that is willing to love and be honest and enjoy this human experience with another. I am looking for passion, kindness with me coupled with playfulness and a connection that is felt deeply. I am looking for someone who will take long walks with me and enjoy Mother Earth. I want to spend time someone who is kind to people and animals, a friendship that grows into a colorful love. I prefer to stay at home but enjoy movies, dinner and family gratherings. No hyper types they make me nervous..calm males who are patience and peaceful are perfect

Others see these qualities in myself
My best habits are that I love nature, I am a introvert , and love learning, praying and meditation is part of my life.. I love to cook and spoil my love ones. I love spending time alone so I won't brother you if you need your space. I love to laugh at myself, and I also an independent and do my light work on my own. I love being a home body and a tom boy but love my make up and dresses with boots...

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
as an introvert I need my alone time to reload for the world. I like silence at times. I need to take care of me at times and could mean sleeping in at times or watching mindless tv for hours so I unplug..I do not enjoy the winter after the fiirst snow fall...I eat too sugar when I get stress out.

All types of things like astrology, numberology, star seeds, mediumship, engery work, massage therapy, crystal work, pendul and chinese astology. channeling I could go on....Movies, nature, and children. I also engage in Tarot readings, and taught general psychology for over 30 years .

Additional Information
life path 33,/6 leo moon and rising with a virgo sun...11 maturity number. Year of the Rat...I am a spirituaist but have studied other spiritual paths and enjoy learning as long as there is love.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship,

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