San Pablo
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Regarding the Metaphysical
In my life time I have met a lot of spiritual enteries I have I have one thing that might help it is easy to love someone but hard for them to love you back I say this because I have in brace and under stand it's just one of power that embraces one's true self

A little about me
I can never see what other see in me I can only see what's in them sometimes I can sins the the of energy that have

Let me tell you about you
Fun loving open minded a person how that in touch whet there sex and spiritual under standing that when two soul meet and the power that come out of it came be amazing and powerful

Others see these qualities in myself
Understanding, listen, and here what one has to say I like computer and spinning time whet the person am whet

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Being real whet that person and that can't understand bringing out who you realy are a lot of times people don't like that

Computer, movies, music, cuddling, in joying one another,

Additional Information

Looking for
Someone so close that most of the time we can't keep our hands to our self someone who can feel how real it is,

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