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Empress In The Making

Regarding the Metaphysical
All things metaphysical are my life. Rei Ki, Shamanism, Tarot, Astrology, and an intentional attention to the present at all times. I seek peace and positivity and look to laugh as I believe it raises my vibration. I love nature and my children dearly.

A little about me
I am a work in progress. I am challenged with remaining in this time space reality, the third dimensional physical world we are currently in and am sometimes saddened by the current collective consciousness' obsession with materialism. I have big heart and long for the New Age to manifest as the Old Age rears its ugly head back at us.

Let me tell you about you
You may be someone with similar interests and who knows himself. You are intelligent, know yourself and you are aware of your needs and expectations and you are not afraid of your feelings. You are looking to meet someone with an open heart to share ups downs and in betweens with an open heart.

Others see these qualities in myself
My good habits are constant self reflection, working hard to provide for my family and nurture my home and children. I engage in prayer and meditation daily and seek quiet time to listen within so that I can connect with source more efficiently, be more at ease, and live as best as my Higher Self would like me to.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
One bad habit of mine is ignoring my self-nurturance needs. This always seems to backfire on me. I focus on the kids, work and home so much that I often times deplete myself and I need extra time to bounce back.

Cooking and eating right, Shamaistic rituals, studying the zodiac, yoga, essential oils, walks, geoengineering, crystals and swimming at the beach.

Additional Information
My emperor is refined yet rustic. He is into baseball, Harley's, music, Star Wars, and can build great campfires. He is sensual and a great kisser. He appreciates and upholds the divine feminine and is grateful for the love and devotion that she gives back to him. He is confident and all knowing in that his empress desires to strengthen and uphold him, be loyal and devoted to him and is grateful for his live and protection.

Looking for
I am looking for a man who is of high moral character. Worthy of the love myself and my children have to give. He is wor

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