Ben Lomond

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Regarding the Metaphysical

I have a highly active mind. I appreciate mindfulness, respect, and love. I enjoy conversations on world politics, clean energy, trauma and repair of the planet , and the evolution and oneness of the human experience.

A little about me
I tend to address all of my feelings and what they are associated with. I like to communicate and expand on thought and feeling . I have many ideas and i love to learn . When i love i love all the way, i have developed boundaries that allow me to protect my empathetic sensitive side , i love to have fun and explore and create

Let me tell you about you
I couldn’t say i quite know that. However i have a general sense of what my heart calls, deep unconditional love. Vibrational synchronicity and an ease of movement and being

Others see these qualities in myself
I am a well thought out person. I like to analyze and create the best possible outcomes . I tend to “leave it on the field”as they might say. I never go to bed angry and am very forgiving and understating . I want a partner who supports my being in every way and knows and trusts me enough to just be, and i he .

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I have a bad habit of insisting on problem solving and positive change . I will talk to you about it even if your uncomfortable and want space and aren’t ready to see or speak on it. It is a good intention but a bad habit and not the correct way to handle . I am aware of it and it rarely occurs

I enjoy experiencing feeling and discussing what everything means to one another . I love challenging my fears and stubbornness in a way of growth and strength. I love children and animals and am fascinated by the human condition .

Looking for
An open and kind agreement between two kindred souls

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