Mount Vernon
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No matter where you are I will always hope to find you.

Regarding the Metaphysical
Metaphysicaly the mind is a sanctuary for the soul and a harbor for thoughts. As long as we have something to believe in we have something to live for. Astro projection is easy for anyone that is a light-worker or open minded enough to believe in it.

A little about me
I suck at complex math but love anything space and physics. I believe my love for space helps me astro project outside of this planet when I meditate. I am pretty open minded, if I disagree with someone I will always hear them out first.

Let me tell you about you
I would imagine her to be smart, kind, caring, independent, open minded, and healthy.

Others see these qualities in myself
Loyal, dependability, observant, independent, common sense, punctual career driven, family oriented, romantic.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Stubborn, nail bitter. :-/

I can be pretty social, especially around people I am comfortable with. I like to play video games, I snowboard, I have a pretty wide genre of music. I love using my telescope on a nice night.

Additional Information
My middle name (Dare) goes back seven generations, my initials (KDL) go back four. I am hoping my soulmate would want to continue this tradition with me when she is ready, as I am last of kin.

Looking for
My ideal relationship would be a very loyal one. Good communication but still gives room for some solitude when needed.

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