Awo Ifayemi
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Seek It, and Believe it.... Nature is real and Spirituality is in youu.

Regarding the Metaphysical
Metaphysic is where we come from and we can deny it.... where are spirits/soul before we are bodies....
Man isn't a matter but a living soul.... seek your soul and your soul will heal your body.

A little about me
I'm a priest and a healer....
I'm human and spirit... i want humanity to glow and spirituality to be boundless.

Healing with natural and Africa herbs... it's real... seek nature

Let me tell you about you
I think your are more than just your name... your limitless...

You are a god.... just find you soul and nature it.

Others see these qualities in myself
Understanding and compansionate....

I don't have bad habits but you may notice

Ifa, Orisha, Divination, Healing, Meditation, Magic, Spell, Sacrifices, and Art.

Additional Information
Ifa "the god of divination"
The gods are wiser..!

Looking for
Friends and relationship,

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