West Newton


Regarding the Metaphysical
I'm a student of the Cayce readings. I'm a student of Dannion Brinkley's work, as well as Mark Thurston. Simply, there is way too much to write about here.

A little about me
Enneagram = 8.
I'm outpoken, a natural leader, driven, strong. I intimidate insecure people (ad I don't do that intentionally, this is what I have heard). I'm intelligent. I don't have a lot of patience for the less intelligent (you can see I am working on that). I love animals and hate bugs. So we can see I am not Jain. :) I've got four planets in Sagittarius so I am an excellent communicator. INFP just in case you were wondering. I'm also a metal yang rat. I have goals. LOTS of them. If slipping off into retirement is on your agenda, well.. not me. :) Too much to do.

Let me tell you about you
You're my equal. You're strong, gentle, incredibly well read, you loe Dickens and people. You love travel and reaching your goals. You might even be a bit of a foodie just because of the exploration factor. Wine is almost a spiritual event for you. You love water, and the thought of building out the Shire inspires you. There might even be castle ruins nearby.

Others see these qualities in myself
Ugh I can't do this part, sorry. I bathe, brush my teeth, go to the gym when I can afford to and have time. I don't scratch my backside in public and I make a point of walking behind men in restaurants so they can pull out the chair for me. I try to be a lady.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
I will walk up to anyone in public and talk to them...

Life, the Universe and everything!

Additional Information
Of course there's more! But it won't be unearthed here...

Looking for
The perfect person? Is there such a thing? Class, polish, intelligence, humor, charisma, savoir faire, gentleness, inqui

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