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Slim, Deep, Older, Intuitive, Creative, Imperfect and Authentic

Regarding the Metaphysical
40 years long & winding road, no pretenses of enlightenment, but I've had to go deep and wide, incl. very dark nights of the soul. Hard to label myself, but it's a combination of a non-dualist, Tantra/sacred sensualist, C/conscious, human, imperfect.

A little about me
Slim-skinny, "senior citizen" but with boyish body. Due to the aforementioned hard times and empath/sensitive nature, not a groups but one-with-one person. Creative/artistic yet grounded and pragmatic (Cap Sun, Pisces Moon). DIY and ride a motorcycle

Let me tell you about you
Non-dogmatic, intuitive, kind, life-traveled, accepting of a man who does not live a yoga-mat life style (cutting down on cigs, vaping), feminine, slender to thin like me. Not looking for marriage or live-together - I like mutual independence.

Others see these qualities in myself
My last name is "Knight" and it reflects some of the codes of honor by which I do my best to live, incl. helping those in need when appropriate. Ethical, no b.s, upfront about character flaws, protective/respectful of boundaries, non-conformist.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
No-one has just one - if we are honest. But one of the "disqualifiers" for most is that I still smoke half a pack of cigs - OUTSIDE only. Shifting to vaping. Innerwise, experienced much fear in life.

While a creative (musician, visual arts/video creation, etc.) soul, those have dropped away in priority for main "interest" is my perceptions-curriculum. A challenging one, but a good reason for it.

Additional Information
One of my passions is what I refer to as Metta (Loving Kindness) or Compassion Sensuality. Adding a universal "May all beings be happy" harmonic to sensual pleasures. Would love to do-be this with you.

Looking for
ONLY someone in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles or very near by. As to attributes, already described above.

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