Myrtle Creek
United States
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Looking for an Avant-Garde Woman

Regarding the Metaphysical
Shamanism, music, trance dance, weather, healing energy, tantric sexual practice, meditation, astrology, astral travel, Tesla technology, evolution of humans for the betterment of the planet, herbs, sacred plants. I'm open-minded to and interested in just about any field of metaphysics. Out of the box thinking and doing.

A little about me
I compose, record, and perform abstract experimental music and do sound installations. I love all music and believe music is one of the highest unifying forces for all humankind. I also do abstract paintings, conceptual and performance art. All of my work is spiritual and shamanic. I'm healthy, NOT wealthy-although I do see myself as being VERY wealthy in non material ways. I find being an introverted-Intuitive-feeling-perceiving person to be one of my biggest challenges of living in the world of today That's why I'm on this site !!! I have a pretty wacky
sense of humor and enjoy life.

Let me tell you about you
You're someone who enjoys the simple things of life, is creative, imaginative, on a spiritual path (however that manifests in your life), enjoys physical side of love and values a loving, honest, caring, involved, supportive, spiritually connected relationship with good communication. No smoking and little drinking, generally healthy lifestyle, open mind, probably a bit bohemian, equal with your partner. Maybe an artist or musician. Maybe you're an INFP like me! Compatible with an Aquarius, Sagittarius rising.

Others see these qualities in myself
Positive disposition, exercise, usually see the best side of people, usually eat healthy foods and liquids, usually see the spirit in all things.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Procrastination, self criticism, ego, sometimes eat when not hungry, can be lazy, when I'm in creative mode I can be obsessive to the exclusion of many things.

I've studied shamanism for over 30 years in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Peru, and Scotland. I aspire to live a shamanic life, NOT a don Juan sorcerer life. Other than art and music, I love
weather, books, rituals, self improvement, internet, bicycle riding on road and dirt, Netflix, cooking, dancing, good conversation and any thing that makes me think. I'm not very political but I am on the left. Everything we do or think is important and has effect. I'm 5'9" 170 lbs,hazel eyes, fairly fit, ride my bike 100+ miles per week, high libido, near sighted.

Additional Information
I'm not high maintenance and would expect the same from a partner. I'm more attracted to women who are natural rather than made up and perfumed. I REALLY DON'T LIKE LONG FINGERNAILS. I'm much more comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt but I've got the suits, to go out to do business or pleasure. I think it might be best for creative, artistic types to be paired. It seems like they would understand when one has to go create to the exclusion of almost everything else. They also might understand when they need back up and time to recharge.

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