Virginia Beach
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Regarding the Metaphysical
It is an introspective ACTUALIZATION of the numerous aspects of the self, not a MEMORIZATION of anything learned, taught, or told about the self. I don't want to preach. Only to connect with someone, or a few people, to expand and enjoy time/space.

A little about me
Poster child Sagittarius and Polarity at its best! Lol. I can be quiet, yet chatty. Serious, yet silly. Minimal, yet complex. Simple, yet sexy. Oblivious, yet connected. I live moment to moment, yet love to plan and dream. I am independent, yet desire a connection.

Let me tell you about you
Confident, but humble. Handsome, but not egotistical. Vibrant yet grounded. Mature but lighthearted. Outdoorsy, yet loves to be home. Successful, yet not arrogant. Healthy, but not a supermodel. Perfectly imperfect like me :)

Others see these qualities in myself
Thoughtfulness, Kindness. Mindful. Hobbies.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Sometimes I tend to overthink and or isolate too much.

I love:
Gemstone Jewelry Making
Watching Gaia
Reading Tarot Cards
Esoteric Practice
My dog (a Doxie named Sage)
Eating out
The thought of Living near the Equator

Additional Information
You should enjoy introspection on a constant like me. Be a hermit like me. Be a hard-worker like me.

Looking for
An attractive partner. An affectionate partner. A monogamous partner. An open minded partner. A good lover. A loving

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