DeFuniak Springs
United States
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2nd Most Interesting Man in World

Regarding the Metaphysical
Christian Mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff, Sufism, Shamanism, Tantric Buddhism, Ascended Masters, modern Prophecy, Astrology, AVATAR...Classic Mysticism since 1973

A little about me
Mystically Evolved~involved. Psychological, Personality type, & Female anatomy research! OH MY!! Capricorn. Myers~Briggs ENFJ. Former runway~hair~TV model & pro photographer. Understand Women & Children. Low maintenance. Listens. Many interests, talents..... exotic travel, fine dining by candle & fire place, great architecture, wines, walks on beach, arts, billiards, reading, vintage camping, picnics, swimming, shopping, motocross, car shows, drag racing. World music, new age, classical, classic rock, blues, Doo Wop. I'm somewhat hubristic and humorous with character, disposition, & personality. Isn't everyone?

Let me tell you about you
Highly Evolved, Conscious Mystical Woman. Good looking, (Both Worlds), Slender to Shapely toned. Extra points for HIRSUTE brunettes~dark blond, Virgo & Pisces + moderate to conservative.

Others see these qualities in myself
That my qualities are visible.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
May be too carnal? (at times)

Oh, Her LIGHT, radiant as a thousand SUNS, casts away all shadows.
Her unveiled extreme beauty blinds all but the BELOVED.
Her limbs slender as the reed flute played by the SHAIKH.
Her eyes are clear deep pools in a calm oasis. They sparkle as the stars on a moonless desert eve.
Her ruby lips ransomed from the SULTAN'S crown jewels.
Her skin smooth as the touch of the QUEEN'S satin gown.
Thick dark hair the envy of the thoroughbreds mane from the ROYAL stables.
Lo, I have roamed the Casbah in search of her rare beauty to no avail. Alas, I am beside myself, until I glimpse her omnipresence; I shall rant my riches to rags and wander yon vast desert.........on my Camel Clyde of course.

Additional Information
favorite hot spots:

After e~ing, voice appeal on phone, Interactive adventure, fine dining, or mutually chosen casual~romantic meeting place...

favorite things:

Books, photographs, plants, & Oriental Rugs are my favorites. Blues~Indigo~Bordeaux. When raining, I like to snuggle, or walk if not lightning. Ride bikes, hike, Shop dusty, out of the way antiques. National level swap meets for show cars. All foods. Enjoy Echoes on PBR radio @ 10PM.

last read:

Three Cups of Tea, Insiders Guide to Time Travel, Edgar Cayce, Power of Your Subconscious Mind (c.1963) Meetings With Remarkable Men,
Mevlana Jela-Ed-Dln Rumi

Looking for
Long Term Relationship,

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