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A wanderer looking for a partner so we can wander together.

Regarding the Metaphysical
I believe in reincartion and consider myself sprititual rather than anything else. Since I'm psychic I deal with "Guides" that lead me to believe that there are a great many things in the Universe unexplained and wonderful because of it. Most spiritual background in Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, some Wicca, avid follower of Dahli Lama and Parmahansa Yogananda.

A little about me
Fun loving, very affectionate and I love animals. Am sometimes serious, but can easily be broguht out of it and become very silly. Very empathic, compasssionate. Have been a suicide prevention and grief counselor, and do psychic work along those same lines. I am also a Reiki practioner and an avid believer in Reiki. But, I'm not a Kook and like having a good time and enjoying life. Love to cook, read, hang out with friends, be near the ocean, water is sacred to me. I have a sensual side to me that is not just sexual, yes that is there to, but the sensual makes life richer in every way.

Let me tell you about you
You must have a great sense of humor with ability to laugh at yourself. Know your life's goals, the best anyone can in this day and age, and believe in yourself and who you are as more than just where you live, your job, etc. You have an inner sense of essence that speaks quietly, but clearly that you know how you are and always seeking to know more about yourself and your place in the Universe. Being affectionate is huge for me, if you like to cuddle, kiss and talk, etc., that's also a winner in my book. Is also import for me, that when in relationship if it is serious you can give yourself over to the other person and be honest if it isn't working. I can deal iwth a lot of things, but won't accept lying.

Others see these qualities in myself
Very caring and kind. Feel I am a very compassionate person and enjoy being affectionate, and doing little things to make my friends happy. Will do whatever I can to help another person, but won't be taken advantage of. I try to take care of myself, am happy with who I am, proud of myself and proud of my accomplishments in this life.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Why, I'm perfect, of course! NOT! Can be too serious as I stated earlier. At times too critical, I'm well aware of that and work hard at it, usually happens when i'm under heavy stress. Sometimes, I have a hard with belief in the Universe as a place where love and good will prevail. This is due to some things from my past.

Travelings, visiting musuems, being out in nature, shopping (yes, there I admit it). I do love to shop, eat, I'll try anything. I love to sail on the water, visit tropical places. Love animals. Please don't let all the other stuff fool you, I'm just like anyone else, there are many wonderful and beautiful things in the world and Universe along to keep us awed by, but I really get lonely and would love to have someone to be with at time, to go off to sleep feeling secure knwing someone cares for me and wake up to a warm, welcoming smile. In the end, Yoga teachers, Reiki Masters, top -notch whomevers, I am just like everyone else and am human and need companionship. All of us do.

Additional Information
If something comes up I'll let you know.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Collaboration, poss. marriage,

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