St. Petersburg
United States
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Regarding the Metaphysical
All types of energy healing...Teacher and practitioner of Yoga, Qi Gong & many healing modalities, QiGong, finished massage school and now have to take test :-). Recently added Zumba instructor to what I do.

A little about me
Who am I? I have been looking at that one for years now and still have not got my answers in the various realities I exist within. I love life!I have done many things in this life - grew up on a farm,landscape nursery, drafted into the army, CPA, CFP, Business planner, worked on everything having to with a house.. from foundation to roofs, swimming pools to electricalcarpentry, plumbi ng,tile, painting, fireplace, yoga instructor, qigong instructor, healing teacher/practitioner

Let me tell you about you
What would I like in a mate? A lady who Loves herself and is on a journey of discovery. That is willing to grow faster than anyone believes possible. One looking to explore all levels of existence. A strong female that can work with a strong male. A lady who can see past the illusions of what appears to be to the realities of existence. A friend, a lover, a soulmate, one that can be comfortable in any circumstances - a crowd, on stage to quite walks along a deserted beach, digging a ditch, creating a new reality.

Others see these qualities in myself
Smiles, encouages, changing my own beliefs, Love to explore life, nature, Butterflies and you. I look at the good side of things and let go of the rest (most of the time).

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Let's see, As compared to what? What bad habits could a quad. Leo have? sun, rising, pluto and saturn...

Enjoying nature. From a sunset to a flower growing by a stream. A butterfly bringing its wonderful energy The beach long walks, Scuba, Travel, Aerobics (step,Zumba, hip hop...), health, life extension, Reading, exploring --- LOVE

Additional Information
I look at things differently. While some see the glass as half full and others see it as half empty. I say change the glass and get a different perspective. I believe that we are each equal sparks of life, of God with no one above or below anyone else. That we will be guided together if it is to be. That males and Females are equals and compliment each other on all levels. That this lifetime is about coming together to release what we have been holding in so we can enjoy the wonders of life in their fullness.

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