Thoughtful Woman
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Seeking special companion

Regarding the Metaphysical
Reiki III certified, studying homeopathy and growing/using herbals & flowers for natural products

A little about me
I am a solid, capable soul looking locally for a life companion; and this need not be 24/7. We don't have to match in a perfect way, as that’s unrealistic, but common interests help alot!

Family & friends, creating simple but tasty meals (anything that goes with garlic!) good books, movies, walks, hikes, rowing, biking, dancing, listening to live music, handcrafts, yard sales, festivals, museums, Reiki, back road journeys, philosophy, psychology, and philanthropy are a few of the ways that I like to fill my days.

I seek a man who knows and is comfortable with himself and his world, but finds that a partner would enhance the time we are here! I am warm & easy-going, have the freedom to be spontaneous, love surprises, and really hope to meet a man of "substance". I have no agendas about dating; just that we keep open communication and can back up if needed, slow things down, restart, and give each other the respect of another concerned human being! I have a few walls built from the past but strive to leave them there and move forward with my eyes open.

Let me tell you about you
Understand the above, please...

Others see these qualities in myself
Consider this as well-I do not seek someone looking for their other half. Experience teaches that we have to be whole for ourselves before giving to another or accepting what they want to offer. There is no other half, there is only someone who compliments us, and our choices to grow with the experience or not.

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