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Regarding the Metaphysical
karma, astrology, prophecies, divine feminine, buddhism, other cultures, philosophy

A little about me
i believe in the good of people. i have not always been treated how i like but, nothing will keep me from my sweet nature. i sometimes let the atrocities of our current social environment get to me but i stand firm to make this world a better place, one soul at a time. i want to see the world and be a moher but, i don't want to do it alone. i'd rather cook dinner in and spend the night on the couch together talking and learning together

Let me tell you about you
you can relate to what i have said but, also have qualites that will bring yin to my yang

Others see these qualities in myself
wide breadth of interests, open-minded, understanding, nurturing, inquisitive always making sure that the good times keep on rolling

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
lack of patience,putting others first and a need to be micromanaged, constantly restless

travel, learning, nature and the outdoors, animals, humans, painting, reading, sports...i'm very inerested in life period and, i could go on for hours

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