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Looking for the treasure that has alluded you till now

Regarding the Metaphysical
CH.t. INTUITIVE Visionary
SPiritual Counseling

A little about me
What I want you to know is that II am the above and more. I have retired from 'workday world';yet my MISSION and PURPOSE is alive and well. I am a grandma and mother to one of each; both female; I spend time with them, but we are not attached at the hip. I consider my friends my family, chosen that is, not blood. My blood relatives are few and far between. I am a woman who dosen't need a man...I desire to find ONE to share mySELF with; the self I am now and will become as an individual and with YOU as we dance like fire, merging and separating and merging again, sometimes tempered and sometimes aflame flaring into the sky. I am very communicative in all ways; and desire a mate who is as well. SOmetimes the silence speaks a thousand words; in gestures, hands and a look with the eyes and the mouth. We feel each other even when we are not physically in the same space. We know we look out for eachother; sometimes knowing eachother better than ourselves. We are treasures to be cherished to one another.

I am intellighent, value my integrity above all; therefore, I AM trustworthy, honest, dependable, compassionate, empathic, intuitive,perceptive and sensitive. I AM ALSO fiery, foxey, funny and FEMININE. I enjoy being a woman; love mySELF as I AM and become day to day. I am a youthFULL 64. All my parts are oriiginal and in good working order.

I have always been a city girl/women and enjoy city based activities. I love a beach visit as well and or a long ride just about anywhere. I DON't DRIVE and the UNIVERSE Is a lot safer and happier because of it. I am a public transportation user as well as my own legs and feet. I volunteer to help kids read; and to do a CONVERSATION class for ESL students. I have found both to be very rewarding and eye opening and heart expanding.

I also teach REIKI at all levels and am a CH.t. along with whatever other tools I have learned. They are shared individually with clients and students to INPOWER them for their highest good in the way they desire to use in their lives. I have regular REIKI CIRCLES in my home.

Let me tell you about you
You and I are complements; not clones. Our values are similar and we learn from each other. We have separate and same interests to keep us both refreshed and renewed to return to each other. We spend lots of time together but also enjoy time apart. We share our families and friends and make new ones together. We love eachother and ourselves in a way that is compassionate, passionate, sensual, sensitive; personal, spiritual, special and unique to us. We are best friends, lovers, romantic partners and playmates, as well as being able to listen to each OTHER; hear what we say and can delve into and learn and teach eachother about ourselves as individuals and as ONEmeant. That never stops! From the momeant we first lay eyes on eachother, till the last we are to=gather. We laugh, we cry, we ARE HUman and accept our foibles and faults and don't try to change eachother UNLESS we choose to change something that will really honestly truly be better for ourSELF and for eachother. Everything else, I believe, comes under this description as far as personality goes.

As far as appearance: What am I attracted to, I am a visual, audio, visceral and kinetic person; IT all means a lot to me. I understand that you might feel that way too. I fwe aren't attracted at first sight; it won't happen later. I believe in precognition (love at first sight) I call it the ZAP; and for, I have learned the lesson well. If it isn't there to begin with, it won't happen later...friends yes...but that immediate attraction and rapor comes from the begining for me.

YOU ARE TALL, 5'11: and above, slim/lean/athletic in body. Hair ....well bald and shaved is sexy these days. With hair andin general, I prefer darker in hair, eyes and skin; but otherwise..I just never know; I do know that honesty is the best policy. From the beginning. Sometimes it's a twinkle int he eye. Yet, DIShonesty of any kind will be a turn-off no matter what else. I am direct, honest, blunt...sometimes to a fault though I do my best to be diplomatic and say things in a way that 'speaks the truth with love" as much as possible.

GRAY, black, brown, silver/white hair can do it too, (please just no combovers.) Darkeyes just draw me in...but green hazel, gray BROWNBLACK are best...BLue is OK too.

Me, I'm 5'5" and ht/wt pro. I don't own a scale but I do wear anything from size 6 to 10....Curves in right places...All parts are original andin good working order. Eyes are green, hair is now naturally blonde,used to be red)...skin is light complected with freckles (that are hard to see in winter). I'm sorta gypsy casual to business casual;a nd I can dress up too; but, no high heels guys; at same time, I don't own any birkenstocks either. I'm beautiful from inside out, up to eye of BE-holder to discern for themselves about outside in. I've never broken a clock or a mirror.....and never gotten any complaints either.

Others see these qualities in myself
YOu take GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF in ALL WAYS., as I do myself. Having GENEROISTY OF HEART MIND & SPIRIT important in ALLways. Intelligent with a quest for learning whatever but not overwhelming with it. We are OPEN to LOVE, commitment, monogamy; yet lovers of a diversity of people and animals. *the usual domestic ones.' We desire to take good care of ourselves and eachother in every way and dimension.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
CHEAPNESS, DISHONESTY, UNfaithfulness, LYING of ANY sort at all. NON RECIPROCITY; and of course UNcleaniless in any respect; smoking, drinking too much, drugs, Being judgemental; Rude-a-tudes....not keeping promises or not being punctual are not OK.

I love movies (except for horror or gratutious violence and blood. I am an avid reader. I love music of most kinds, but don't make any (the UNIVERSE is gratefull I don't sing either). I will be your groupie if you do. Alternative HEALING is really my Mission and purpose, doing it, teaching it and learning new things about it and myself and you are the first passion.

Additional Information
Well a lot of that is for you to find out. In GENERAL...I am simply ONE GOOD WOMAN, LOOKING FOR ONE GOOD MAN...and I DESIRE to share ALL I have learned in COMMUNICATION of all kinds; and to LOVE completely and fully that ONE MAN that I will reocgnize and vice versa as being the RIGHT ONE for me.ill in. I am a woman of my word, it is my bond. (A PROMISE Is a sacred thing and only a cataclysmic ACT OF GOD will keep me from any I make.) I am chronically punctual and early; I expect people to respect that and be punctual. In these days of cell phones there is NO excuse not to be! unless there is some information telling me someone is lost or late due to something they are NOT in control of. In all other way, I'm pretty damn flexible and adaptable in most any situation. I am calm and peaceful. I value serenity and harmony and balance in all aspects of life. I am not given to dramatics of my own; nor do I enjoy others. I do most anything to remedy situations before they turn into a situation or issue.

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