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Nobody ever reads this

Regarding the Metaphysical
Astral projection, astrology, past lives, channeling, hypnosis, A Course in Miracles ...far too many more to mention. I'm second degree Reiki. If it deals with metaphysics I probably have an interest in it.

A little about me
I'm a (non-red neck) country boy who prefers a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle with as much laughter (I have a very quick sense of humor) and as little drama as possible. I’m also open, honest, polite, non-argumentative, practical, open-minded, deep thinking, mellow, upbeat and sunny, down-to-earth, hygienic, non-materialistic, environmentalist, insatiably curious, spontaneous, love learning/experiencing new things, and am the poster child for a faithful one-woman man. My unusual personality doesn’t neatly fit into anyone’s box and everyone I meet seems magnetically attracted to it (which isn't always a good thing).

I have a high IQ, hold several military and scholastic records (USMC & USAF), and and my artistic nature enjoys creating and inventing. I’m an over-achiever, ex(?)-workaholic, talented in many areas, and am definitely a "Man of Action" -- I prefer finding solutions rather than talking problems to death. As an entirely self-taught computer programmer, I've written complex programs for the Pentagon, dozens of military bases and Wal-Mart. I've lived the most unusual life of anyone I've ever met (which is a LOT of people!) and have been told more than a few times that my life story would make an fascinating book. My only child was raised in, and still lives in, Southern Calif.

My 70 year old home began its life as a barn (before it became this town’s General Store) and my work lifestyle requires that I drive an old pickup truck. If I could live in a log cabin in the woods, I would. To me, the smell of an underbrush bonfire is probably a close second to the most expensive perfumes -- and also to me, jeans or cutoffs, a t-shirt, and sneakers or sandals are somewhere near the height of high fashion. I have a lot of "middle names" and "very casual and laid-back" is one of them.

I dislike crowds and noisy places, preferring museums and historical types of places over touristy type ones. What I enjoy doing for entertainment depends on who I'm with. It can include everything from gardening (I love digging in the dirt), sitting in the porch swing watching traffic go by, to sky diving, long walks, and everything in between those extremes. When I'm in love I enjoy playing at the guitar.

I’m very spiritual (but not religious) and spend a lot of my retirement days trying to get lost biking or hiking down random deserted dirt roads far out in the woods. You’d be amazed at the beautiful and entertaining things to be found on such simple nature walks! My musical tastes are mostly mainly classic rock and classic country. I assure you that you've heard of everyone whose music I enjoy.

I’m hoping to meet someone able to hold intelligent conversations about more than a limited number of subjects. There are few things I enjoy more than stimulating discussions about subjects that go beyond the mundane.

Let me tell you about you
Unless you post your photo, height, eye color, zodiac sign, etc. (or at least a little about yourself) you're almost certainly not serious about wanting to meet someone on here -- so it shouldn't surprise you that no one ever responds to your ad...:)

Others see these qualities in myself
Always giving more than I receive.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Not listening to my intuition often enough.

Writing, reading, inventing, anything to do with mother nature....blah, blah, blah....FAR too many to mention. I have few limitations and unlimited interests.

Additional Information
5'6", blue eyes, greying hair, 145 lbs. Retired military. Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Capricorn Ascendant). Whatever your metaphysical interests, they likely overlap mine.

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