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If I reached my hand out to yours - would you hold it?

Regarding the Metaphysical
Practitioner of the healing arts including Reiki, Violet Flame and guided energy healing. Intuitive and tarot reader. Works with herbs, gems and the Earth. Provides Astrocartography reports and always striving to learn, grow and expand personally and spiritually. Enjoys exploring numerology, astrology, hoodoo, prayers, spiritual laws of success, meditation. So much more.... I'm sure I'd love to explore your passions and interests too.

A little about me
Soft spoken, gentle, loving and passionate female that values honor, integrity, compassion, teaching, sharing and living a joyful life. I'm a planner and scheduler.
I am free from smoke, street drugs, alcohol expect same or similar. I lack drama and rarely watch television - I do prefer in person meetings, reading, and enjoying life instead of being hypnotized by tv.

Let me tell you about you
Somebody that is mature enough to be open, undefended and willing to be vulnerable while working at being congruent in actions with words. Values honesty and is compassionate, emotionally stable, communicates, has integrity, seeks personal and spiritual growth (however you feel it works for you), honoring one another while sharing mutual interests and exploring life together. Spending time together while valuing each others personal free time and space too. Is financially responsible and stable. Adores full figure woman and knows we all come in different body types, shapes and sizes as a natural part of our being. Knows that a long term relationship is developed through effort, care and nurturing each others growth and will work at developing this with me. Lives close enough to me for physical meetings as I do not function well in long distance relationships. Would desire someone that will pray with me.

Others see these qualities in myself
Daily meditations and prayers in morning, positive outlook, emotionally and mentally balanced, INFJ personality, can see the larger soul picture of life at times when needed.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
When am being dishonored and played with I will walk away rather than fight. My time is more valuable than anything else I could offer thus I feel it is precious. I become frustrated when a person keeps asking for help over and over, but refuses to learn new skills to manage the issues they are creating.

Traveling, photography, website building, poetry, walking, exploring the world around me, enjoying friends and life. I believe in others and see their potential. Am curious about learning about other cultures, people and others story.

Additional Information
Life is pretty simply when it comes right down to the core of things. Sometimes spending an afternoon sipping on ice cold water on a hot summer day and talking about our lives adventures brings the greatest joys in life. With fall in the air now... perhaps some hot tea and a walk at one of the parks.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Collaboration, Life Partner,

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