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New Jersey
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Regarding the Metaphysical
I've dappled in various forms of meditation, recently bought a Tarot deck, I believe in auras, chakras, Reiki, the wonders of nature, and pretty much anything I hear that I can relate to...of course I manipulate the belief in my particular way to understand it.

A little about me
I'm fun!for sure, and certainly have loads of energy! This morning I woke up making all sorts of songs. I have a ton of thoughts and experience extreme moods, but have the tenacity to cope without pills [shock! ha] I've considered myself independent since I could think. I was raised Catholic, but never got the faith. When in 3rd grade, I recall saying and understanding "I don't believe in God", but now my conception of God is a lot less limited. I am finding my faith is something much more important than I originally imagined. Oh, and I'm rebel :]

Let me tell you about you
I hope to meet any person of any age, sex, or background who would be willing to embark on an expansive journey with me...As far as any intimate relation goes, I'm most compatible with higher-range intelligence [whatever your intelligence be], hopefully with the ability to crash into the world each morning with new thoughts hopes and dreams, with a beginner's mind, and ready to break into performance at any moment!

Others see these qualities in myself
I'm a recent vegetarian, but have always been health conscious. I'm also highly many little things we can do! I take walks often, and train my mind and body to go in the right direction. I'm always seeing what's going on around me and around the world.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Sometimes, in my crazy bouts of distraction, I shall engage in mindless surfing of the internet or possibly put junkie foods into my system...In general, moving too fast.

I've been into music since birth, love to read and write, enjoy frequenting museums/aquariums/planetariums/the-iums ha and spend all of my public time people watching. I'm outdoorsy, but can never get enough camping/hiking/sailing/what-have-you. I'm studying Linguistics and Anthropology and plan on traveling the world, learning as many languages as possible, and experiencing the world hands-on.

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