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Seeking Light Souls

Regarding the Metaphysical
Integral Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga of the Cells, Consciousness, All Yoga, All Spirit, All the Divine Work in Life

A little about me
I would love to meet anyone who is a seeker of Truth, Light, Love, Beauty, and who aspires for transformation of oneself and the Earth. My spiritual path is one which recognizes the Divine Presence in everything, everywhere, and that all of Life is Yoga (Unity, an Interconnected Unfolding). I tend to be quite intense when speaking of spiritual experience and knowledge, but mostly because of the desire to share the path I am on with others. I don't drink, smoke, am vegan and spend most of my time working in gardens and landscaping (right now working on a Japanese Garden where I work), cycling, reading, writing, meditating or otherwise exploring life in ways that are more uplifting than what is usually considered being social. I tend to be more quiet-natured, but would love to hear about other's paths and growing. I also am a Reiki Healing Touch practictioner. So if anything here resonates with you, or if you're looking for someone to connect with or share with about life and spirituality, I'd love to hear from you! I am an American but moved to Auroville, India in 2007, where I now live and work...It is an International Township founded to build greater Human Unity and Peace, with a Yogic/Spiritual foundation behind (for many of us here at least!) But it's always nice to meet other spiritual Souls who would like to spend time together for however long it lasts - every moment can be beautiful in its own unique way. Love and Light!

Let me tell you about you
I am quite an open Soul who welcomes the opportunity to get to know anyone, even if only as Friends of Soul... That being said, for more intimate Connections, I prefer women who are at least vegetarian, non-smoking, non-drinking/drugs, and sees the physical and spiritual importance of taking care of their body, of their whole Being on all levels... I am not looking for someone who still identifies with any religion but is interested in going beyond this, into pure Spirituality and exploring the realms of Consciousness and Yoga, seeking the Divine Identity that dwells Within and in All... I am not the most social type of person, which does not mean I can't be social and talk quite intellectually or spiritually when the right time comes, but in terms of the normal 'social' activities, it is not really for me, so if that is you then you may not connect well with me, unless you are able to do the social thing on your own often... I prefer much alone and quiet time rather than being around lots of people... So you should at least understand this.

Others see these qualities in myself
Aspirations for a greater earth and humanity
Attuned to the quality of Truth in particular
Honest and Hard-working
Serious when necessary, especially when spiritual truth and the ignorances of life are being discussed - but still can laugh at it all...
A Child deep Within
Quiet and Deeply, Spiritually Intelligent and Experienced
Devoted, Caring, Humble towards the Divine in All

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Overly self-critical, sometimes impatient inwardly

Writing, reading, planting trees, biking, hiking

Additional Information
I am a writer with one self-published children's book and one poetry book, with many children's stories relating to spirit and Yoga and Life in its deeper sense. I have a blog where you can read some of my poetry and articles at ... I also recently started a new website called StoryYoga for Children where I have put many of my children's stories (and my book with illustrations) into audio narration for all to listen to... You can visit at My books are also available on my blogsite... Writing is perhaps one big part of my path, and feel it is at least one of my Gifts, which I will mostly likely need to explore more in many areas...

I also chant OM in an Om Choir here, and find this is a powerful transformative practice for all when done with Soul...

Looking for
The Divine in All :) Divine ConnectionsWomen, age is open, but perhaps no older than 52...but again,

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