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Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle

Regarding the Metaphysical
I am a Christian, but also an Empath and Psychic who was born under a time prompt. I practice meditation, yoga, and astral projection.

A little about me
I was born under a time prompt at 11 minutes after 11. I was 5 when I first knew what a person was thinking and learned quickly to keep those thoughts to myself to the point that I was always hiding my true nature. I denied my gifts for a long time only coming out of my bubble (inside joke) in the last few years. I am an Empath and Psychic, though I am a private person. I am a night owl and prefer quiet evenings to large gatherings, though the occasional party is fun. I am intelligent and love to be challenged to step outside the box and see other perspectives. I have traveled extensively.

Let me tell you about you
I am looking for a Christian man who is firm in his beliefs and strong in his own faith. I do not need a man to complete me, but a friendship that can grow into something more....

Others see these qualities in myself
I always look for the good, since what we look for we find.
I am loyal to my family and friends and have been told I am a good listener.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
appearing to be stand-offish. I am a private person who prefers one on one or small groups. I do open up more, the more you know me.

Writing. I am a published writer. If I can not write, I read. I love meeting new people and gaining new experiences.

Additional Information
I am intelligent and articulate. I can laugh at myself as quickly as anyone else and try to find he joy that life has to offer. I believe that what we focus on expands. I do believe in love at first sight, but also believe that a relationship of any kind takes commitment and hard work, but is worth it.

Looking for
Long Term Relationship, Friendship, Marriage,

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