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Regarding the Metaphysical
There is much more to the world than what those in power would like us to believe. I'm whole heartedly involved in shamanism and giving others the tools needed for deep soul searching. I believe we can all stand to learn from mother nature.

A little about me
I'm an old soul, so they say. I'm quiet, content, and find the most joy in the little things. I'd like to spend an evening watching clouds rather than bars or socializing. I like a simple life, far from the stress of modern life. I don't follow mainstream media. My life's purpose is to live and teach self sufficiency.

Let me tell you about you
Honest, open-minded, driven.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Procrastination. I'm getting much better these days. My biggest problem is the thought that I need the right tool for the job.(Thanks dad)

Permaculture, volunteering, wood working, hiking, wildcrafting.

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