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Regarding the Metaphysical
I've always -always been a person who had his head somewhere far away nobody else could seem to see. I've felt I've had something to do since I was young, never really able to except things how they are. I've been through many paths now and am quite determined to follow it wherever it leads. If it's into the darkest loneliest places, secluded from all others I would be fine because at least I am being myself and actually looking for something rather than hiding in the comfort of the herd.
I want to go into the darkness, because of how much I adore the light.

A little about me
Lately, I've come to ask myself "what am I?" I know I'm more than the thing I walk around in. I've always wanted to know the big question and been able to see a picture bigger than the world (and it's pulled me out of some shit) But I cant seem to experience anything more than the tip of the iceberg. My whole life seems to be centered around chasing someone I don't know.
Trying to bring something through

Let me tell you about you
Um, not sure what to say here.

Others see these qualities in myself
I guess I'm selling myself?

I have alot of spirit. Undirected but alot.

I have alot of creativity. I adore creating artistically. But also destroying. I find it just as beautiful.

I am fond of loyalty but also freedom.

And am being very open and exploring.

I don't have bad habits but you may notice
Oh I have many.
For one I can't seem to stick to something for long, and I hate it.
I can't pay attention when it comes to mundane concerns. Not the best at being grounded.
I'll just be honest.

Making films, horror comedy,

Theatre, art, video games. Obsessed with out of body travel. Nature and sightseeing frequently. I'd love to go to South America and see the Andes mountains. I feel drawn there when I see pictures.

Exploring boundaries and trying new things.
And food.


Additional Information
Soul mate? I dunno about that but, I am less interesting than I'd like to think I am but, ask me.
Your interest will interest me.

Looking for
I'm not sure... Someone who seems..

alive? Because everyone else seems to lack something I can't put my finger on.

My Photos

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